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1997 Fall Western Sectional Meeting
Albuquerque, NM, November 8-9, 1997
Meeting #928

Associate secretaries:
William A Harris, Jr, AMS

Ackleh, Azmy    Program Listing  
Aizenman, Michael    Program Listing  
Allen, Linda J. S.   Program Listing  
Alvarez, Josefina    Program Listing  
Alvarez-Lopez, Jesus A.   Program Listing  
Anderson, D. D.   Program Listing  
Anderson, David F.   Program Listing  
Asmar, Nakhle H.   Program Listing  
Baragar, Arthur    Program Listing  
Bardenhagen, Scott G.   Program Listing  
Beckner, William    Program Listing  
Beken, Donald E   Program Listing  
Beylkin, Gregory    Program Listing  
Bielawski, Roger    Program Listing  
Blair, David E.   Program Listing  
Bohner, Martin J   Program Listing  
Boyer, Charles P   Program Listing  
Broumas, Antonios    Program Listing  
Cai, Wei    Program Listing  
Cassidy, Phyllis J   Program Listing  
Connell, Christopher G.   Program Listing  
Cooke, Kenneth L.   Program Listing  
Coykendall IV, James B   Program Listing  
Cruz-Uribe, David V.   Program Listing  
Cushing, Jim M.   Program Listing  
Dancer, Andrew S   Program Listing  
DeFacio, Brian    Program Listing  
Dennis Jr., John E.   Program Listing  
Donovan, George C   Program Listing  
Elaydi, Saber    Program Listing  
Emery, David B   Program Listing  
Engman, Martin F   Program Listing  
Eyre, David J   Program Listing  
Faris, William G.   Program Listing  
Figotin, Alexander    Program Listing  
Foreman, Brendan J   Program Listing  
Gaiko, Valery A.   Program Listing  
Galicki, Krzysztof    Program Listing  
Garaizar, Xabier    Program Listing  
Gilbert, Anna C   Program Listing  
Gilbert, John E.   Program Listing  
GLAZ, SARAH    Program Listing  
Godin, Yuri A.   Program Listing  
Gonzalez, Nathalie    Program Listing  
Grafakos, Loukas    Program Listing  
Grove, Karsten    Program Listing  
Grunbaum, F. Alberto    Program Listing  
Hardin, Douglas P   Program Listing  
Harding, John R   Program Listing  
Hart, William E   Program Listing  
Heinstein, Martin W.   Program Listing  
Hendrickson, Bruce A   Program Listing  
Henson, Shandelle M.   Program Listing  
Hernandez, Gerardo    Program Listing  
Hoffoss, Diane    Program Listing  
Hofmann, Steve C   Program Listing  
Hough, Patricia D   Program Listing  
Houston, Evan    Program Listing  
Hurder, Steven E   Program Listing  
Jang, Sophia R.-J.   Program Listing  
Jeong, Sangtae    Program Listing  
Juric, Damir    Program Listing  
Kamber, Franz W.   Program Listing  
Kaminker, Jerome    Program Listing  
Kapranov, Mikhail M   Program Listing  
Katz, Nets H   Program Listing  
Kehowski, Walter Allan   Program Listing  
Kim, Minhyong    Program Listing  
Klein, Abel    Program Listing  
Klingler, Lee C.   Program Listing  
Kocic, Vlajko L   Program Listing  
Kohler, Werner    Program Listing  
Koines, Andrew J.   Program Listing  
Kothe, Douglas B.   Program Listing  
Kuang, Yang    Program Listing  
Kuchment, Peter    Program Listing  
Kurdila, Andrew J.   Program Listing  
Lacey, Michael T   Program Listing  
Lakey, Joseph D   Program Listing  
Lantz, David C.   Program Listing  
LeBrun, Claude    Program Listing  
Lee, Jeffrey M   Program Listing  
Levy, Joshua    Program Listing  
Li, Jia    Program Listing  
Li, Zhilin    Program Listing  
Lika, Konstadia    Program Listing  
Lima-Filho, Paulo    Program Listing  
Lin, E. B.    Program Listing  
Lisyansky, Alexander A   Program Listing  
Lucas, Thomas G   Program Listing  
Luehr, Charles P.   Program Listing  
Lutz, Donald A   Program Listing  
Massopust, Peter R   Program Listing  
McAdam, Stephen J.   Program Listing  
McIntosh, Alan    Program Listing  
Milton, Graeme W   Program Listing  
Min-oo, Maung    Program Listing  
Mitchell, Scott A   Program Listing  
Mitrea, Marius    Program Listing  
Mohlenkamp, Martin J   Program Listing  
Mullins, Bernadette    Program Listing  
Murthy, Paresh    Program Listing  
Nahmod, Andrea    Program Listing  
Nakamaye, Michael J   Program Listing  
Nistor, Victor    Program Listing  
Pabst, Sigrun I   Program Listing  
Papanicolaou, George C   Program Listing  
Park, Jeanam    Program Listing  
Phillips, Cynthia A   Program Listing  
Phillips, Keith L   Program Listing  
Picavet, Gabriel    Program Listing  
Picavet-L'HermiteE, Martine    Program Listing  
Pillay, Anand    Program Listing  
Pinsky, Mark A.   Program Listing  
Pitman, E. Bruce    Program Listing  
Plantenga, Todd D   Program Listing  
Poon, Yat Sun   Program Listing  
Richardson, Ken    Program Listing  
Roach, David W   Program Listing  
Rodriguez-Villegas, Fernando    Program Listing  
Ruch, David K   Program Listing  
Sadosky, Cora    Program Listing  
Sell, George    Program Listing  
Semmelmann, Uwe    Program Listing  
Sibuya, Yasukata    Program Listing  
Smarandache, Florentin    Program Listing  
Smith, Hal L   Program Listing  
Smith, William W.   Program Listing  
Spresser, Diane M.   Program Listing  
Stefanov, Atanas G.   Program Listing  
Stolz, G\"unter    Program Listing  
Sulsky, Deborah L   Program Listing  
Tartarone, Francesca    Program Listing  
Tate, John    Program Listing  
Thakur, Dinesh S.   Program Listing  
Tian, Youliang    Program Listing  
Torres, Rodolfo H   Program Listing  
Tourville, Suzanne    Program Listing  
Tuminaro, Ray S   Program Listing  
Vasiu, Adrian    Program Listing  
Verbitsky, Igor    Program Listing  
Vicknair, J. Paul   Program Listing  
Voloch, Jose' F   Program Listing  
Walker, Judy L   Program Listing  
Walschap, Gerard    Program Listing  
Wiegand, Roger    Program Listing  
Wiegand, Sylvia M   Program Listing  
Yakubu, Abdul-Aziz    Program Listing  
Yu, Guoliang    Program Listing  
Zheng, Shijun    Program Listing  

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