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AMS Sectional Meeting Presenters

Current as of Tuesday, April 12, 2005 15:21:31

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2001 Fall Western Section Meeting
Irvine, CA, November 10-11, 2001
Meeting #972

Associate secretaries:
Bernard Russo, AMS

Abhyankar, Shreeram S.   Program Listing  
Aitken, Wayne E   Program Listing  
Akbulut, Selman    Program Listing  
Akemann, Charles A.   Program Listing  
Alevras, Alexis    Program Listing  
Alvarez-Consul, Luis    Program Listing  
Apostolov, Vestislav    Program Listing  
Arias, Alvaro    Program Listing  
Babin, Anatoli V   Program Listing  
Babin, Anatoli V   Program Listing  
Baouendi, Salah    Program Listing  
Birnir, Bjorn    Program Listing  
Blecher, David P   Program Listing  
Bogomolov, Fedor A.   Program Listing  
Boyer, Charles P   Program Listing  
Bryant, Robert L   Program Listing  
Brylinski, Ranee    Program Listing  
Bullock, Doug    Program Listing  
Bunimovich, Leonid A   Program Listing  
Burgin, Mark    Program Listing  
Caflisch, Russel E   Program Listing  
Calabi, Eugenio    Program Listing  
Cao, Chongsheng    Program Listing  
Cao, Huai-Dong    Program Listing  
Carter, J. Scott    Program Listing  
Castellano, Doc J.   Program Listing  
Chen, Xiuxiong    Program Listing  
Chertkov, Misha    Program Listing  
Chinburg, Ted C   Program Listing  
Chmutov, Sergei V   Program Listing  
Chow, Bennett    Program Listing  
Chung, Yeojin    Program Listing  
Cordaro, Paulo D   Program Listing  
Damanik, David    Program Listing  
Dasbach, Oliver T   Program Listing  
D'Attorre, Leonard    Program Listing  
Del Magno, Gianluigi    Program Listing  
Denissov, Serguei    Program Listing  
Duke, William    Program Listing  
Dykema, Ken    Program Listing  
Ebenfelt, Peter F   Program Listing  
Effros, Edward G   Program Listing  
Elgart, Alexander    Program Listing  
Felicitas, C.S.    Program Listing  
Field, Michael    Program Listing  
Figotin, Alexander    Program Listing  
Freed, Rod A   Program Listing  
Fried, Michael D   Program Listing  
Friedlander, Susan    Program Listing  
Frohman, Charles D   Program Listing  
Fu, Siqi    Program Listing  
Gabitov, Ildar R   Program Listing  
Gamelin, Theodore W   Program Listing  
Gelca, Razvan    Program Listing  
Gilmer, Patrick M   Program Listing  
Gilmer, Patrick M   Program Listing  
Ginzburg, Viktor L   Program Listing  
Goetz, Arek    Program Listing  
Goldin, Rebecca F   Program Listing  
Gong, Sheng    Program Listing  
Gordina, Maria    Program Listing  
Gordon, Alexander Y   Program Listing  
Grantcharov, Gueo V   Program Listing  
Guan, Zhuang-dan D   Program Listing  
Guralnick, Robert M   Program Listing  
Gutkin, Eugene    Program Listing  
Hanges, Nicholas    Program Listing  
Harcharras, Asma    Program Listing  
Hausel, Tamas    Program Listing  
Haydn, Nicolai T   Program Listing  
Herald, Christopher M   Program Listing  
Herrera, Rafael    Program Listing  
Hironaka, Eriko    Program Listing  
Holm, Tara S   Program Listing  
Hounie, Jorge    Program Listing  
Hu, Huyi    Program Listing  
Hundertmark, Dirk    Program Listing  
Hyeon, Donghoon    Program Listing  
Jaksic, Vojkan    Program Listing  
Ji, Shanyu    Program Listing  
Jitomirskaya, Svetlana    Program Listing  
Jolly, Michael S.   Program Listing  
Jones, Don A   Program Listing  
Junge, Marius    Program Listing  
Kaiser, Uwe    Program Listing  
Kani, Ernst    Program Listing  
Kania-Bartoszynska, Joanna    Program Listing  
Karpeshina, Yulia    Program Listing  
Katherine, Stevenson F   Program Listing  
Kauffman, Louis H   Program Listing  
Keel, Markus A   Program Listing  
Kerler, Thomas    Program Listing  
Kiselev, Alexander    Program Listing  
Klein, Abel    Program Listing  
Knutson, Allen    Program Listing  
Korchagin, Anatoly B.   Program Listing  
Krylov, Nikolai A   Program Listing  
Kukavica, Igor    Program Listing  
Kukavica, Igor    Program Listing  
Kuperberg, Greg    Program Listing  
Laba, Izabella    Program Listing  
Lambropoulou, Sofia    Program Listing  
Landweber, Gregory D   Program Listing  
Lanzani, Loredana    Program Listing  
Larson, David    Program Listing  
Lenci, Marco    Program Listing  
Leness, Thomas G   Program Listing  
Lin, Xiao-Song    Program Listing  
Lindblad, Hans    Program Listing  
Litvinov, Semyon N   Program Listing  
Liu, Hailiang    Program Listing  
Lu, Zhiqin    Program Listing  
Lux, Klaus    Program Listing  
Magaard, Kay    Program Listing  
Martin, Miguel    Program Listing  
Mathieu, Martin    Program Listing  
Mazzucato, Anna L   Program Listing  
Mikhalkin, Grigory    Program Listing  
Miller, Bruce N   Program Listing  
Molchanov, Stanislav A   Program Listing  
Morton, Hugh R   Program Listing  
Murakami, Hitoshi    Program Listing  
Naik, Swatee    Program Listing  
Neal, Matthew P   Program Listing  
Ni, Lei    Program Listing  
Olson, Eric    Program Listing  
Patyi, Imre    Program Listing  
Paulsen, Vern I   Program Listing  
Pavlovic, Natasa    Program Listing  
Petean, Jimmy    Program Listing  
Pisier, Gilles    Program Listing  
Ponce, Gustavo    Program Listing  
Pop, Ciprian S   Program Listing  
Pries, Rachel    Program Listing  
Putinar, Mihai    Program Listing  
Ralston, James V   Program Listing  
Ralston, James    Program Listing  
Rammaha, Mohammad A   Program Listing  
Ratsch, Christian    Program Listing  
Razzaghi, Mohsen    Program Listing  
Robinett, Richard W   Program Listing  
Rosenthal, Haskell    Program Listing  
Rothschild, Linda P   Program Listing  
Ruan, Zhong-Jin    Program Listing  
Ruzmaikina, Anastasia A   Program Listing  
Ruzmaikina, Anastasia A   Program Listing  
Rychlik, Marek R   Program Listing  
Saito, Masahico    Program Listing  
Sawin, Stephen French   Program Listing  
Schenker, Jeffrey H   Program Listing  
Schonbek, Maria E   Program Listing  
Shaska, Tony    Program Listing  
Shpectorov, Sergey    Program Listing  
Shubin, Carol A   Program Listing  
Sikora, Adam S   Program Listing  
Simanyi, Nandor    Program Listing  
Sims, Robert J   Program Listing  
Sjamaar, Reyer    Program Listing  
Smith, Roger R   Program Listing  
Staffilani, Gigliola    Program Listing  
Stefan, Marius B   Program Listing  
Stolz, Gunter    Program Listing  
Straube, Emil J   Program Listing  
Sturmfels, Bernd    Program Listing  
Tadmor, Eitan    Program Listing  
Teplyaev, Alexander    Program Listing  
Thiele, Christoph    Program Listing  
Thompson, John G   Program Listing  
Tian, Gang    Program Listing  
Tiep, Pham Huu    Program Listing  
Tolman, Susan    Program Listing  
Voelklein, Helmut    Program Listing  
Walter, Martin E   Program Listing  
Weaver, Nik    Program Listing  
Weitsman, Jonathan    Program Listing  
Whittlesey, Marshall A   Program Listing  
Wong, Bun    Program Listing  
Wu, Siye    Program Listing  
Xia, Qinglan    Program Listing  
Ziane, Mohammed B   Program Listing  
Zlatos, Andrej    Program Listing  
Zuckerman, Gregg J   Program Listing  

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