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2003 Spring Western Section Meeting
San Francisco, CA, May 3-4, 2003
Meeting #987

Associate secretaries:
Michel L Lapidus, AMS,

Abramovich, Dan    Program Listing  
Adams, Colin C   Program Listing  
Ahmad, Shair    Program Listing  
Alladi, Krishnaswami    Program Listing  
Andrews, George E.   Program Listing  
Beineke, Jennifer E   Program Listing  
Berndt, Bruce C.   Program Listing  
Bernstein, Daniel J.   Program Listing  
Bezdek, Andras    Program Listing  
Bezdek, Karoly    Program Listing  
Bisztriczky, T    Program Listing  
Bowen, Lewis P   Program Listing  
Boylan, Matthew G.   Program Listing  
Bravyi, Sergey    Program Listing  
Bringsjord, Selmer C   Program Listing  
Buck, G R   Program Listing  
Buhler, Joe P   Program Listing  
Burgin, Mark    Program Listing  
Burgin, Mark    Program Listing  
Burgin, Mark    Program Listing  
Burton, Theodore A   Program Listing  
Campagnolo, Manuel Lameiras   Program Listing  
Cantarella, Jason H   Program Listing  
Chiodo, Alessandro    Program Listing  
Chow, Bennett    Program Listing  
Ciuperca, Catalin    Program Listing  
Cleland, Carol E.   Program Listing  
Cohn, Henry    Program Listing  
Connelly, Robert    Program Listing  
Conrad, K.    Program Listing  
Copeland, B. Jack   Program Listing  
Corduneanu, Constantin C.   Program Listing  
Davis, Martin D   Program Listing  
Deguchi, Tetsuo    Program Listing  
De Loera, Jesus A   Program Listing  
Devlin, Keith J   Program Listing  
Dietler, Giovanni    Program Listing  
Ding, Jiu    Program Listing  
Dobay, Akos    Program Listing  
Duval, Art    Program Listing  
Eberbach, Eugene    Program Listing  
Eichhorn, Dennis A   Program Listing  
Eisenbud, David    Program Listing  
Ernst, Claus    Program Listing  
Fan, Huijun    Program Listing  
Fejes T\'oth, G\'abor    Program Listing  
Fink, A. M.   Program Listing  
Fleming, Thomas R   Program Listing  
Fodor, F    Program Listing  
Freed, Rod A   Program Listing  
Freedman, Michael    Program Listing  
Furumochi, Tetsuo    Program Listing  
Gao, Shuhong    Program Listing  
Garofalo, Nicola    Program Listing  
Givental, Alexander B   Program Listing  
Goldin, Dina    Program Listing  
Gonzalez, Oscar    Program Listing  
Goodman-Strauss, Chaim    Program Listing  
Graber, Tom    Program Listing  
Graham, Ronald    Program Listing  
Grünbaum, Branko    Program Listing  
Grosberg, Alexander    Program Listing  
Gubeladze, Joseph    Program Listing  
Haddock, John R.   Program Listing  
Haessig, C. Douglas   Program Listing  
Haglund, J.    Program Listing  
Hamaya, Yoshihiro    Program Listing  
Hamkins, Joel David   Program Listing  
Hayes, Leslie    Program Listing  
He, Min    Program Listing  
Heitmann, Raymond C   Program Listing  
Helm, David F   Program Listing  
Henderson, Johnny    Program Listing  
Howe, Everett W   Program Listing  
Huang, Ming-Deh    Program Listing  
Huebl, Reinhold    Program Listing  
Islam, M N   Program Listing  
Ismailescu, Dan P   Program Listing  
Jarvis, Tyler J   Program Listing  
Jin, Gyo Taek    Program Listing  
Jin, Zhiren    Program Listing  
Jorgensen, D A   Program Listing  
Kauffman, Louis H.   Program Listing  
Kauffman, Louis H   Program Listing  
Kaufmann, Ralph M   Program Listing  
Kedlaya, Kiran S.   Program Listing  
Kelly, Kevin T.   Program Listing  
Kieu, Tien D   Program Listing  
Kimura, Takashi    Program Listing  
Kirk, C M   Program Listing  
Kitaev, Alexei    Program Listing  
Kondagunta, Sundaresan    Program Listing  
Kugel, Peter    Program Listing  
Kuperberg, Greg    Program Listing  
Kuperberg, Greg    Program Listing  
Kuperberg, Krystyna    Program Listing  
Lapidus, Michel L.   Program Listing  
Lee, Y.-P.    Program Listing  
Lenart, Cristian P.   Program Listing  
Leuschke, Graham J.   Program Listing  
Littelmann, Peter    Program Listing  
Liu, James H   Program Listing  
Liu, Xiaobo    Program Listing  
Loepp, S.    Program Listing  
Lovejoy, Jeremy    Program Listing  
Lupercio, Ernesto    Program Listing  
Maclagan, Diane    Program Listing  
MacLennan, Bruce J.   Program Listing  
Mahdavi, Mehran    Program Listing  
Mann, Casey    Program Listing  
Mattman, Thomas W   Program Listing  
McLoud-Mann, Jennifer C.   Program Listing  
Miller, Claudia    Program Listing  
Millett, Kenneth C.   Program Listing  
Milne, Stephen C   Program Listing  
Mochon, Carlos    Program Listing  
Morava, Jack    Program Listing  
Murakami, Satoru    Program Listing  
Mustata, Mircea I   Program Listing  
Natarajan, Ponnammal    Program Listing  
Nechaev, Sergei    Program Listing  
O'Hara, Jun    Program Listing  
Ono, Ken    Program Listing  
O'Shea, Edwin Michael   Program Listing  
Penniston, David K   Program Listing  
Phan, Christopher L   Program Listing  
Pieranski, Piotr    Program Listing  
Poddar, Mainak    Program Listing  
Polini, Claudia    Program Listing  
Polishchuk, Alexander    Program Listing  
Qing, Jie    Program Listing  
Radin, Charles    Program Listing  
Ranganathan, Nandini    Program Listing  
Rawdon, Eric    Program Listing  
Robbins, Neville    Program Listing  
Roberts, Paul C.   Program Listing  
Rolfsen, Dale    Program Listing  
Ruan, Yongbin    Program Listing  
Sarli, John    Program Listing  
Scharein, Rob    Program Listing  
Schenck, Hal    Program Listing  
Schoen, Richard M   Program Listing  
Schonbek, Maria E   Program Listing  
Sega, Liana M   Program Listing  
Shagrir, Oron    Program Listing  
Shimamura, Miyuki K   Program Listing  
Singh, Anurag K   Program Listing  
Smith, Gregory G   Program Listing  
Smith, K E   Program Listing  
Smutny, Jana    Program Listing  
Soltan, Valeriu    Program Listing  
Somolinos, Alfredo S   Program Listing  
Souplet, Philippe P   Program Listing  
Stasiak, Andrzej    Program Listing  
Stillwell, John Colin   Program Listing  
Stopple, Jeffrey    Program Listing  
Suchenek, Marek A   Program Listing  
Sullivan, John M   Program Listing  
Sullivant, Seth    Program Listing  
Talata, Istvan    Program Listing  
Tataru, Daniel    Program Listing  
Tattersall, James J   Program Listing  
Taylor, Amelia    Program Listing  
Theodorescu, Emanoil    Program Listing  
Thomas, Rekha R   Program Listing  
Thompson, Howard M   Program Listing  
Uribe, Bernardo    Program Listing  
Vaintrob, Arkady    Program Listing  
Vatsala, Aghalaya S   Program Listing  
Vitulli, Marie A   Program Listing  
Voloch, J Felipe   Program Listing  
Vologodskii, Alexander V   Program Listing  
Wang, Mingxin    Program Listing  
Wang, Tingxiu    Program Listing  
Wegner, Peter    Program Listing  
Welch, Philip David   Program Listing  
Wells, Benjamin    Program Listing  
Wiedermann, Jiri    Program Listing  
Wiegand, Roger    Program Listing  
Wong, Bun    Program Listing  
Woo, Alexander    Program Listing  
Woods, Damien    Program Listing  
Yee, Ae Ja    Program Listing  
Zelevinsky, Andrei    Program Listing  
Zhang, Bo    Program Listing  
Zhu, Hui June   Program Listing  
Zinn-Justin, Paul G   Program Listing  
Zworski, Maciej    Program Listing  

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