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AMS Sectional Meeting Presenters

Current as of Saturday, October 22, 2005 02:16:48

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2005 Fall Southeast Section Meeting
Johnson City, TN, October 15-16, 2005
Meeting #1010

Associate secretaries:
Matthew Miller, AMS
Links to abstracts will be available approximately one week (for sectional meetings) to four weeks (for national meetings) after the abstracts deadline. Abstracts are presented in PDF Format. PDF Format is read with Adobe Acrobat Reader which may be downloaded for free.
Almada, Carlos J   Abstract  Program Listing  
Anastassiou, George A   Abstract  Program Listing  
Avalos, George    Abstract  Program Listing  
Axtell, M.    Abstract  Program Listing  
Badawi, Ayman R   Abstract  Program Listing  
Ball, Joseph A.   Abstract  Program Listing  
Baloglou, George    Abstract  Program Listing  
Bauldry, William C   Abstract  Program Listing  
Belinskiy, Boris P   Abstract  Program Listing  
Berger-Wolf, Tanya Y.   Abstract  Program Listing  
Biswas, Anjan    Abstract  Program Listing  
Bociu, Lorena V   Abstract  Program Listing  
Boczko, Erik Miklos   Abstract  Program Listing  
Bonchev, Danail G   Abstract  Program Listing  
Bressan, Alberto    Abstract  Program Listing  
Brodskiy, Nikolay    Abstract  Program Listing  
Bullington, Grady D.   Abstract  Program Listing  
Carroll, Douglas Edmonds   Abstract  Program Listing  
Chang, Gyu Whan   Abstract  Program Listing  
Chapman, Scott T.   Abstract  Program Listing  
Charikar, Moses    Abstract  Program Listing  
Chatham, R. Douglas   Abstract  Program Listing  
Chen, Shuo    Abstract  Program Listing  
Chen, Yong    Abstract  Program Listing  
Chen, Zhong    Abstract  Program Listing  
Chesler, Elissa J   Abstract  Program Listing  
Cokeley, Paul C.   Abstract  Program Listing  
Coykendall, Jim    Abstract  Program Listing  
Croicu, Ana-Maria    Abstract  Program Listing  
Crutcher, Sihon    Abstract  Program Listing  
Cuoco, Al    Abstract  Program Listing  
Dhamdhere, Kedar    Abstract  Program Listing  
Ding, J.    Abstract  Program Listing  
Dix, Daniel B.   Abstract  Program Listing  
Dydak, Jerzy    Abstract  Program Listing  
Eller, Matthias M   Abstract  Program Listing  
Fishman, Lou    Abstract  Program Listing  
Ganatra, Amit    Abstract  Program Listing  
Gao, David Yang   Abstract  Program Listing  
Ghorpade, Sudhir R   Abstract  Program Listing  
Govil, N. K.   Abstract  Program Listing  
Green, Lisa Bloomer   Abstract  Program Listing  
Grujic, Zoran    Abstract  Program Listing  
Gulisashvili, Archil    Abstract  Program Listing  
Guo, Changbin    Abstract  Program Listing  
Gupta, Vijay    Abstract  Program Listing  
Halpin, Patrick    Abstract  Program Listing  
Hector, Judith H.   Abstract  Program Listing  
Heitsch, Christine E   Abstract  Program Listing  
Herdman, T L   Abstract  Program Listing  
Hetzel, Andrew J.   Abstract  Program Listing  
Hill, Richard O.   Abstract  Program Listing  
Himonas, Alex A.   Abstract  Program Listing  
Houston, Evan    Abstract  Program Listing  
Hu, Yingkang    Abstract  Program Listing  
Hunter, John K   Abstract  Program Listing  
Huo, Xiaoming    Abstract  Program Listing  
Indyk, Piotr    Abstract  Program Listing  
Jarrah, Abdul Salam    Abstract  Program Listing  
Johnson, P D   Abstract  Program Listing  
Johnson, William B.   Abstract  Program Listing  
Kalton, Nigel J.   Abstract  Program Listing  
Kang, Byung Gyun   Abstract  Program Listing  
Kapitanski, Lev    Abstract  Program Listing  
Karagiozova, Adriana    Abstract  Program Listing  
Kay, David    Abstract  Program Listing  
Kersey, Scott N   Abstract  Program Listing  
Kim, Jong Uhn   Abstract  Program Listing  
Kim, Namhee    Abstract  Program Listing  
Kingan, Robert J.   Abstract  Program Listing  
Klibanov, Michael V.   Abstract  Program Listing  
Knisley, Debra    Abstract  Program Listing  
Krigman, Slava    Abstract  Program Listing  
Kumar, Ravi    Abstract  Program Listing  
Langston, Michael A.   Abstract  Program Listing  
Lee, James R.   Abstract  Program Listing  
Lenhart, Suzanne    Abstract  Program Listing  
Li, Xin    Abstract  Program Listing  
Liu, Hailiang    Abstract  Program Listing  
Liu, Song-Tao    Abstract  Program Listing  
Loper, K Alan   Abstract  Program Listing  
Lubinsky, Doron S   Abstract  Program Listing  
Lucas, Thomas G.   Abstract  Program Listing  
Marzuq, Maher M   Abstract  Program Listing  
Mason, Sarah K   Abstract  Program Listing  
McGovern, Warren Wm   Abstract  Program Listing  
Mendel, Manor    Abstract  Program Listing  
Mhaskar, Hrushikesh N   Abstract  Program Listing  
Misiolek, Gerard    Abstract  Program Listing  
Mitrea, Irina    Abstract  Program Listing  
Mohapatra, R N   Abstract  Program Listing  
Mulay, S. B.   Abstract  Program Listing  
Mullins, Bernadette    Abstract  Program Listing  
Munoz-Delgado, Francisco-Javier    Abstract  Program Listing  
Naor, Assaf    Abstract  Program Listing  
Nowak, Piotr W   Abstract  Program Listing  
Olberding, Bruce M   Abstract  Program Listing  
O'Leary, Mary Ellen   Abstract  Program Listing  
Olson, Tim E.   Abstract  Program Listing  
O'Rourke, Joseph    Abstract  Program Listing  
Ott, Katharine A   Abstract  Program Listing  
Pan, Ronghua    Abstract  Program Listing  
Parsley, Jason    Abstract  Program Listing  
Phillips, Michael D.   Abstract  Program Listing  
Poole, George D   Abstract  Program Listing  
Przytycka, Teresa Maria   Abstract  Program Listing  
Qazi, Mohammed A.   Abstract  Program Listing  
Radu, Petronela    Abstract  Program Listing  
Rajaram, Rajeev    Abstract  Program Listing  
Randrianarivony, Nirina Lovasoa   Abstract  Program Listing  
Redmond, Shane P.   Abstract  Program Listing  
Renardy, Michael    Abstract  Program Listing  
Riggs, Troy D   Abstract  Program Listing  
Roop, John Paul   Abstract  Program Listing  
Royster, David C.   Abstract  Program Listing  
Russell, David L.   Abstract  Program Listing  
Savin, Tatiana    Abstract  Program Listing  
Saydam, A. Serpil   Abstract  Program Listing  
Schurz, Henri    Abstract  Program Listing  
Shapiro, Jay    Abstract  Program Listing  
Shubin, Tatiana    Abstract  Program Listing  
Shubov, Marianna    Abstract  Program Listing  
Simpson, Henry C   Abstract  Program Listing  
Sivergina, Irina F.   Abstract  Program Listing  
Stickles, Joe    Abstract  Program Listing  
Tan, Wai-Yuan    Abstract  Program Listing  
Tariq, Q. M.   Abstract  Program Listing  
Tebou, Louis    Abstract  Program Listing  
Tetali, Prasad V.   Abstract  Program Listing  
Thomas, Rekha R.   Abstract  Program Listing  
Todorova, Grozdena    Abstract  Program Listing  
Toundykov, Daniel Y   Abstract  Program Listing  
Tuffaha, Amjad    Abstract  Program Listing  
Tuncer, Necibe    Abstract  Program Listing  
Vazquez, Mariel    Abstract  Program Listing  
Vu, Quoc-Phong    Abstract  Program Listing  
Wang, Jianzhong    Abstract  Program Listing  
Ward, Christopher O.   Abstract  Program Listing  
Waters, Michael S.   Abstract  Program Listing  
Wu, Hongwei    Abstract  Program Listing  
Wu, Hung-Hsi    Abstract  Program Listing  
Wu, Jiahong    Abstract  Program Listing  
Wu, Jie    Abstract  Program Listing  
Wu, Tiejian    Abstract  Program Listing  
Xu, Yongzhi S   Abstract  Program Listing  
Yordanov, Borislav    Abstract  Program Listing  
Zafrullah, Muhammad    Abstract  Program Listing  
Zalik, Richard A.   Abstract  Program Listing  
Zheng, Yuxi    Abstract  Program Listing