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AMS Sectional Meeting Presenters

Current as of Sunday, May 3, 2009 00:21:11

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2009 Spring Eastern Section Meeting
Worcester, MA, April 25-26, 2009 (Saturday - Sunday)
Meeting #1050

Associate secretaries:
Steven H Weintraub, AMS
Links to abstracts will be available approximately one week (for sectional meetings) to four weeks (for national meetings) after the abstracts deadline. Abstracts are presented in PDF Format. PDF Format is read with Adobe Acrobat Reader which may be downloaded for free.
Abou Salem, Walid    Abstract  Program Listing  
Abramovich, Shoshana -    Abstract  Program Listing  
Ballantine, Cristina    Abstract  Program Listing  
Bang, S.    Abstract  Program Listing  
Bannai, Etsuko    Abstract  Program Listing  
Beineke, Jennifer    Abstract  Program Listing  
Bell, Matthew P.   Abstract  Program Listing  
Berlyand, Leonid    Abstract  Program Listing  
Berman, Leah Wrenn   Abstract  Program Listing  
Bona, Miklos    Abstract  Program Listing  
Borcea, Ciprian S.   Abstract  Program Listing  
Boucherif, Abdelkader Y   Abstract  Program Listing  
Brett, Ann    Abstract  Program Listing  
Buse, Olguta    Abstract  Program Listing  
Caughman, John    Abstract  Program Listing  
Cha, Byungchul    Abstract  Program Listing  
Chan, Ada    Abstract  Program Listing  
Chance, Mike    Abstract  Program Listing  
Chen, Robin Ming   Abstract  Program Listing  
Chen, Weimin    Abstract  Program Listing  
Cioabă, Sebastian M.   Abstract  Program Listing  
Connelly, Robert    Abstract  Program Listing  
Cornea, Octav    Abstract  Program Listing  
Cotton-Clay, Andrew    Abstract  Program Listing  
Crombecque, David H   Abstract  Program Listing  
Curtin, Brian W   Abstract  Program Listing  
Dal Maso, Gianni    Abstract  Program Listing  
van Dam, Edwin R.   Abstract  Program Listing  
Dawson, Robert J. MacG.   Abstract  Program Listing  
Evans, Emily J.   Abstract  Program Listing  
Faraco, Daniel    Abstract  Program Listing  
Fish, Joel W   Abstract  Program Listing  
Frechette, Sharon    Abstract  Program Listing  
Gaurin, Steven E   Abstract  Program Listing  
Gerry, Ladas    Abstract  Program Listing  
Gilbert, Robert Pertsch   Abstract  Program Listing  
Godsil, Chris D   Abstract  Program Listing  
Gonzalez, Eduardo    Abstract  Program Listing  
Grabovsky, Yury    Abstract  Program Listing  
Graver, Jack E   Abstract  Program Listing  
Grinfeld, Pavel    Abstract  Program Listing  
Gui, Changfeng    Abstract  Program Listing  
Guo, Yujin    Abstract  Program Listing  
Hajir, Farshid    Abstract  Program Listing  
Hajlasz, Piotr    Abstract  Program Listing  
Han, Li    Abstract  Program Listing  
Han, Zhigang    Abstract  Program Listing  
Hang, Fengbo    Abstract  Program Listing  
Hardt, Robert    Abstract  Program Listing  
Herman, Servatius    Abstract  Program Listing  
Hind, Richard K   Abstract  Program Listing  
Holm, T    Abstract  Program Listing  
Ibrahim, Slim    Abstract  Program Listing  
Johns, Joseph A   Abstract  Program Listing  
Johnson, Norman W.   Abstract  Program Listing  
Jones, Rafe    Abstract  Program Listing  
Jorgensen, Leif K   Abstract  Program Listing  
Jurisic, Aleksandar    Abstract  Program Listing  
Kasturiarachi, A Bathi   Abstract  Program Listing  
Kenyon, Richard    Abstract  Program Listing  
Kerman, Ely    Abstract  Program Listing  
Kevrekidis, Panayotis    Abstract  Program Listing  
Kingan, Sandra    Abstract  Program Listing  
Klain, Daniel A   Abstract  Program Listing  
Knapp, Michael P.   Abstract  Program Listing  
Knightly, Andrew    Abstract  Program Listing  
Kocic, Vlajko L   Abstract  Program Listing  
Kostrov, Y.    Abstract  Program Listing  
Kovalev, Leonid V.   Abstract  Program Listing  
Kulenovic, M R.S.   Abstract  Program Listing  
Kwon, Young-Oh    Abstract  Program Listing  
Langford, William F.   Abstract  Program Listing  
Larsen, Chris    Abstract  Program Listing  
Lee, Yi-Jen    Abstract  Program Listing  
Lee-St.John, Audrey    Abstract  Program Listing  
Lewicka, Marta    Abstract  Program Listing  
Li, Yanyan    Abstract  Program Listing  
Lisi, Samuel T   Abstract  Program Listing  
Lozano-Robledo, Álvaro    Abstract  Program Listing  
Luca, Florian    Abstract  Program Listing  
Lurie, Konstantin A   Abstract  Program Listing  
Lushnikov, Pavel M   Abstract  Program Listing  
Ma, Jianmin    Abstract  Program Listing  
Mahadevan, Amala    Abstract  Program Listing  
Maris, Florin    Abstract  Program Listing  
Masamune, Jun    Abstract  Program Listing  
Ma'u, Sikimeti    Abstract  Program Listing  
Maydanskiy, Maksim    Abstract  Program Listing  
Merino, Orlando    Abstract  Program Listing  
Miller, Steven J   Abstract  Program Listing  
Mitrea, Irina    Abstract  Program Listing  
Monson, Barry    Abstract  Program Listing  
Mosco, Umberto    Abstract  Program Listing  
Mower, Jacob C   Abstract  Program Listing  
Muzychuk, M. E.   Abstract  Program Listing  
Newman, Mike    Abstract  Program Listing  
Nguyen, Hoai-Minh    Abstract  Program Listing  
Nikiforov, V.    Abstract  Program Listing  
Nirenberg, Louis    Abstract  Program Listing  
Nye, Janet A.   Abstract  Program Listing  
O'Gorman, Paul A   Abstract  Program Listing  
Onninen, Jani    Abstract  Program Listing  
Ortner, Christoph    Abstract  Program Listing  
Ostrover, Yaron    Abstract  Program Listing  
Pakzad, Reza    Abstract  Program Listing  
Palladino, Frank J   Abstract  Program Listing  
Pausader, Benoit    Abstract  Program Listing  
Pelinovsky, Dmitry    Abstract  Program Listing  
Pellicer, Daniel    Abstract  Program Listing  
Penttila, Tim    Abstract  Program Listing  
Perutz, Tim    Abstract  Program Listing  
Pinsonnault, Martin    Abstract  Program Listing  
Plamenevskaya, Olga    Abstract  Program Listing  
Pollack, David    Abstract  Program Listing  
Predescu, Mihaela    Abstract  Program Listing  
Prime, Russell    Abstract  Program Listing  
Propp, James    Abstract  Program Listing  
Pruidze, Goderdzi    Abstract  Program Listing  
Richter, David    Abstract  Program Listing  
Rohrlich, David E.   Abstract  Program Listing  
Ross, Elissa    Abstract  Program Listing  
Rudolph, Lee    Abstract  Program Listing  
Rybnikov, Konstantin    Abstract  Program Listing  
Samanta, Sudeep    Abstract  Program Listing  
Sarkis, Marcus    Abstract  Program Listing  
Schulte, Egon    Abstract  Program Listing  
Schultz, S W   Abstract  Program Listing  
Schulz, Andre    Abstract  Program Listing  
Schulze, Bernd    Abstract  Program Listing  
Sena-Dias, Rosa    Abstract  Program Listing  
Senechal, Marjorie    Abstract  Program Listing  
Servatius, Brigitte    Abstract  Program Listing  
Shmidheiser, Hans K   Abstract  Program Listing  
Shor, Caleb McKinley   Abstract  Program Listing  
Siefring, Richard    Abstract  Program Listing  
Sigal, Israel Michael    Abstract  Program Listing  
Simpson, Gideon    Abstract  Program Listing  
Soffer, Avy    Abstract  Program Listing  
Song, Sung Y   Abstract  Program Listing  
Spirn, Daniel    Abstract  Program Listing  
Strauss, Walter A   Abstract  Program Listing  
Streinu, Ileana    Abstract  Program Listing  
Suciu, Alexander I.   Abstract  Program Listing  
Sullivan, Michael    Abstract  Program Listing  
Suzuki, Hiroshi    Abstract  Program Listing  
Tanaka, Hajime    Abstract  Program Listing  
Teplyaev, Alexander    Abstract  Program Listing  
Terwilliger, Paul    Abstract  Program Listing  
Thorpe, Michael F   Abstract  Program Listing  
Ting, Fridolin    Abstract  Program Listing  
Wallinga, Willem J   Abstract  Program Listing  
Wang, Changyou Wang    Abstract  Program Listing  
Watkins, Mark E.   Abstract  Program Listing  
Wehrheim, Katrin    Abstract  Program Listing  
Weinstein, Michael I   Abstract  Program Listing  
Wettlaufer, J. S.   Abstract  Program Listing  
Whyte, Kevin    Abstract  Program Listing  
Widiasih, Esther R.   Abstract  Program Listing  
Widlund, Olof B.   Abstract  Program Listing  
Williams, Gordon Iam   Abstract  Program Listing  
Williford, Jason    Abstract  Program Listing  
Woldar, Andrew J   Abstract  Program Listing  
Wu, Junhua    Abstract  Program Listing  
Yakubu, Abdul-Aziz    Abstract  Program Listing  
Yang, Yisong    Abstract  Program Listing  
Yang, Yisong    Abstract  Program Listing  
Yeum, Ji-A    Abstract  Program Listing  
Yorke, James A   Abstract  Program Listing  
Zara, Catalin    Abstract  Program Listing  
Zeeman, Mary Lou    Abstract  Program Listing  
Zieschang, Paul-Hermann    Abstract  Program Listing  
Ziltener, Fabian J.   Abstract  Program Listing