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AMS Sectional Meeting Invited Addresses

Current as of Friday, October 31, 2014 00:33:49

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Fall Western Sectional Meeting
San Francisco State University, San Francisco, CA
October 25-26, 2014 (Saturday - Sunday)
Meeting #1104

Associate secretaries:

Michel L Lapidus, AMS,

Links to abstracts will be available approximately one week (for sectional meetings) to four weeks (for national meetings) after the abstracts deadline.

Invited Addresses

  • Kai Behrend, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada, The virtual fundamental class and "derived" symplectic geometry.
  • Kiran S. Kedlaya, University of California, San Diego, A brief history of perfectoid spaces.
  • Julia Pevtsova, University of Washington, Seattle, Applications of geometry to modular representation theory.
  • Jim Simons, Euclidean Capital, Mathematics, common sense, and good luck. (Einstein Public Lecture in Mathematics)
  • Burt Totaro, University of California, Los Angeles, The fundamental group of an algebraic variety, and hyperbolic complex manifolds.