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AMS Sectional Meeting Presenters

Current as of Sunday, March 21, 2021 03:31:54

Spring Southeastern Sectional Meeting (formerly at Georgia Institute of Technology)

  • now meeting virtually, Eastern Time (hosted by the American Mathematical Society)
  • March 13-14, 2021 (Saturday - Sunday)
  • Meeting #1164
Associate secretary:

Brian D. Boe, AMS


AMS 2021 Spring Sectional Meetings will be held VIRTUALLY on the originally planned dates. Further details will be posted as soon as they are available. Send questions to

NOTE: The following material has been posted without being proofread in order to provide you with the most current information.

Links to abstracts will be available approximately two weeks (for sectional meetings) to six weeks (for national meetings) after the abstracts deadline.

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Abdulla, Ugur G. 1164-35-239Program Listing 
Aceves, Elaina K 1164-57-220Program Listing 
Ahmed, Saber D. Grantcharov, N. Guay 1164-08-180Program Listing 
Anderson, Rodney L 1164-85-227Program Listing 
Bahmanian, Amin  1164-05-207Program Listing 
Baumann, Stacie M.Chris Rodger 1164-05-237Program Listing 
Belykh, Igor  1164-37-240Program Listing 
Berkesch, Christine Daniel Erman, Gregory Smith 1164-13-205Program Listing 
Bhatt, Harish  1164-65-238Program Listing 
Bloomquist, Wade Zhenghan Wang 1164-57-233Program Listing 
Blumenthal, Alex Jacob Bedrossian, Samuel Punshon-Smith 1164-37-15Program Listing 
Bose, Shreya Ibrahim Ekren 1164-91-196Program Listing 
Boyd, Zachary MNicolas Fraiman, Jeremy Marzuola, Peter Mucha, Braxton Osting, Jonathan Weare 1164-05-175Program Listing 
Brandt, Madeline Christopher Eur, Leon Zhang 1164-14-32Program Listing 
Braverman, Elena Leonid Berezansky 1164-34-109Program Listing 
Briggs, Benjamin Srikanth Iyengar 1164-13-143Program Listing 
Brito, Gerandy Ioana Dumitriu, Kameron Harris 1164-15-185Program Listing 
Brown, Michael K.David Eisenbud, Daniel Erman, Frank-Olaf Schreyer 1164-13-18Program Listing 
Brown, Tricia MuldoonRachelle Bouchat 1164-13-98Program Listing 
Bruce, Juliette  1164-13-83Program Listing 
Buedo-Fernández, Sebastián  1164-34-192Program Listing 
Burgisser, Peter  1164-90-213Program Listing 
Canzani, Yaiza  1164-35-6Program Listing 
Capinski, Maciej J. 1164-34-215Program Listing 
Capovilla-Searle, Orsola  1164-57-142Program Listing 
Chan, David Michael Broda, Hollee McGinnis, Claire Luce, Jeremy Winslow, Joy Ma, Haya Hamid 1164-91-221Program Listing 
Chatterjee, Rima  1164-57-60Program Listing 
Chen, Guantao Yanli Hao, Guoning Yu 1164-05-89Program Listing 
Chen, Lei Nick Salter 1164-57-241Program Listing 
Chen, Renyi Gongjie Li, Molei Tao 1164-85-161Program Listing 
Church, Kevin E MJean-Philippe Lessard 1164-39-155Program Listing 
Corley, Christopher MichaelAndrew Ledoan 1164-60-17Program Listing 
Cumplido, María  1164-20-70Program Listing 
de la Llave, Rafael  1164-37-188Program Listing 
de Wolff, Timo Adam Kurpisz, Mareike Dressler 1164-14-216Program Listing 
Dey, Papri Dan Edidin 1164-14-222Program Listing 
Diethorn, Rachel N 1164-13-149Program Listing 
DiPasquale, Michael Alexandra Seceleanu 1164-13-160Program Listing 
Disch, Jordan  1164-16-154Program Listing 
Dougherty, Michael Jon McCammond 1164-57-150Program Listing 
Drabkin, Benjamin JMichael DiPasquale 1164-13-200Program Listing 
Duarte, Eliana Alexandra Seceleanu 1164-13-193Program Listing 
Ekren, Ibrahim Erhan Bayraktar, Xin Zhang 1164-60-11Program Listing 
Ellingham, Mark Blake Dunshee 1164-05-120Program Listing 
Enescu, Florian Yongwei Yao 1164-13-74Program Listing 
Erman, Daniel Michael Brown, David Eisenbud, Frank Schreyer 1164-14-82Program Listing 
Eur, Christopher Andrew Berget, Hunter Spink, Andrew Tseng 1164-05-47Program Listing 
Farres, Ariadna Josep Masdemont, Gerard Gomez, Chen Gao, David Folta, Cassandra Webster 1164-37-62Program Listing 
Feng, Jin Toshio Mikami, Johannes Zimmer 1164-49-123Program Listing 
Field, Elizabeth Heejoung Kim, Christopher Leininger, Marissa Loving 1164-57-191Program Listing 
Fleurantin, Emmanuel J Mireles-James 1164-37-87Program Listing 
Fuster Aguilera, Padi Vincent Martinez, Kyle Zhao 1164-35-25Program Listing 
Galatolo, Stefano  1164-37-56Program Listing 
Gao, Yuping Songling Shan 1164-05-26Program Listing 
Garcia Trillos, Nicolas Jeff Calder, Marta Lewicka 1164-35-151Program Listing 
Geller, Hugh Roberts 1164-13-152Program Listing 
Genevay, Aude  1164-62-35Program Listing 
Giansiracusa, Noah Jeffrey Giansiracusa 1164-14-94Program Listing 
Gimeno, Joan Renato Calleja, Alessandra Celletti, Rafael de la Llave 1164-37-169Program Listing 
Gonzalez, Jorge LMaciej Capinski, Jean-Pierre Marco, James Mireles-James 1164-37-61Program Listing 
Gonzalez, Jose Zhixian Zhu 1164-14-232Program Listing 
Gould, Ronald J. 1164-05-37Program Listing 
Gozzi, Fausto Andrea Cosso, Idris Kharroubi, Huyen Pham, Mauro Rosestolato 1164-49-36Program Listing 
Graber, P. JamesonRonnie Sircar 1164-35-141Program Listing 
Grimley, Lauren  1164-16-51Program Listing 
Gu, Xiaofeng  1164-05-137Program Listing 
Guyer, Michael Jessica McDonald 1164-05-121Program Listing 
Guzzetti, Davide Kanak Parmar 1164-37-138Program Listing 
Haddock, Jamie Anna Ma 1164-65-117Program Listing 
Hamilton, Wesley  1164-62-172Program Listing 
Han, Xiaoying Peter Kloeden 1164-34-183Program Listing 
Harvey, Shelly Shelly Harvey, Jung Hwan Park 1164-57-243Program Listing 
Hayden, Kyle Erica Choi 1164-57-230Program Listing 
Hill, Cvetelina DimitrovaSara Lamboglia, Faye Simon 1164-05-173Program Listing 
Hozoori, Surena  1164-57-22Program Listing 
Huang, Hang  1164-13-218Program Listing 
Huber, Marius  1164-57-133Program Listing 
Iacob, Alina  1164-18-34Program Listing 
Ilioaea, Irina Georgeana 1164-13-184Program Listing 
Im, Mee Seong Crystal Hoyt, Shifra Reif 1164-16-228Program Listing 
Jauch, Erich CJonas Hartwig 1164-16-189Program Listing 
Jeffreys, Luke  1164-51-148Program Listing 
Jing, Guangming Yan Cao, Guantao Chen, Songling Shan 1164-05-116Program Listing 
Joseph, Jean S. 1164-05-13Program Listing 
Keller, Christian Erhan Bayraktar 1164-49-159Program Listing 
Kepley, Shane  1164-37-127Program Listing 
Khan, Taufiquar Shyla Kupis, Vincent Barra 1164-65-54Program Listing 
Klein, Patricia Anna Weigandt 1164-13-128Program Listing 
Klibanov, Michael  1164-35-20Program Listing 
Klug, Michael R 1164-57-91Program Listing 
Kose, Feride Ceren 1164-57-211Program Listing 
Kostochka, Alexandr Andre Raspaud, Jingwei Xu 1164-05-10Program Listing 
Kotelskiy, Artem Liam Watson, Claudius Zibrowius 1164-57-59Program Listing 
Kumar, Bhanu Rodney Anderson, Rafael de la Llave 1164-37-195Program Listing 
Kumar, Bhanu Rodney Anderson, Rafael de la Llave 1164-37-198Program Listing 
Kummer, Mario Philipp di Dio 1164-14-219Program Listing 
Kutler, Max  1164-14-234Program Listing 
Le, Thu Thi Anh Dinh-Liem Nguyen, Hayden Schmidt 1164-03-144Program Listing 
Le, Thuy T.Loc Nguyen 1164-35-14Program Listing 
LeBlanc, Victor  1164-37-95Program Listing 
Leininger, Christopher Moon Duchin, Viveka Erlandsson, Chandrika Sadanand 1164-57-134Program Listing 
Lenhart, Suzanne  1164-35-63Program Listing 
Lepine, Dene  1164-17-153Program Listing 
Lerario, Antonio Michele Stecconi 1164-53-179Program Listing 
Lessard, Jean-Philippe Jacek Cyranka 1164-37-118Program Listing 
Lessard, Jean-Philippe Jason Mireles James 1164-37-85Program Listing 
Letz, Janina C.Eloísa Grifo, Josh Pollitz 1164-18-105Program Listing 
Li, Chang Jiongmin Yong 1164-93-84Program Listing 
Li, Lina Jozsef Balogh, Andrew Treglown 1164-05-110Program Listing 
Lin, Junshan  1164-65-107Program Listing 
Ling, Shuyang  1164-90-86Program Listing 
Loh, Po-Ling Varun Jog 1164-62-44Program Listing 
Longo, Iacopo P. Sylvia Novo, Rafael Obaya 1164-37-57Program Listing 
Longo, Vincent  1164-57-72Program Listing 
Lu, Kang Evgeny Mukhin 1164-17-209Program Listing 
Magpantay, Felicia  1164-39-21Program Listing 
Mallick, Abhishek  1164-57-166Program Listing 
Mann, Kathryn Jonathan Bowden, Sebastian Hensel, Emmanuel Militon, Richard Webb 1164-57-71Program Listing 
Maraj, Aida  1164-14-40Program Listing 
Mark, Thomas E.Bulent Tosun 1164-57-217Program Listing 
Mastroeni, Matthew Paolo Mantero 1164-13-197Program Listing 
Mayorga, Sergio Jameson Graber 1164-49-38Program Listing 
McLeay, Alan  1164-20-131Program Listing 
Mei, Hongwei  1164-60-16Program Listing 
Memoli, Facundo Zane Smith, Zhengchao Wan 1164-51-41Program Listing 
Miller, Allison N. 1164-57-225Program Listing 
Miller, Claudia Hamid Rahmati, Zheng Yang 1164-13-202Program Listing 
Miller, Marissa  1164-20-163Program Listing 
Mireles James, J.D.  1164-37-125Program Listing 
Mireles James, J.D.  1164-37-126Program Listing 
Mixon, Dustin G. 1164-90-201Program Listing 
Molla, Theodore Michael Santana 1164-05-157Program Listing 
Murray, Maxime  1164-37-43Program Listing 
Murray, Maxime  1164-37-45Program Listing 
Mutanguha, Jean Pierre  1164-20-76Program Listing 
N Timsina, Archana Jason Mireles James 1164-37-79Program Listing 
Nagle, Brendan  1164-05-181Program Listing 
Nagy, James  1164-65-108Program Listing 
Nakamura, Trevor  1164-55-115Program Listing 
Naldi, Simone Rainer Sinn 1164-52-104Program Listing 
Naudot, Vincent DMShane Kepley, William Kalies 1164-37-65Program Listing 
Neeman, Joe Charles Radin, Lorenzo Sadun 1164-60-66Program Listing 
Nguyen, Dinh-Liem  1164-65-50Program Listing 
Nguyen, Khoa Dimitar Grantcharov 1164-17-165Program Listing 
Nguyen, Linh VietDuy Nguyen 1164-08-92Program Listing 
Nguyen, Loc  1164-35-27Program Listing 
Nguyen, Thanh Trung 1164-35-164Program Listing 
Nguyen, Thi Phong Bojan Guzina 1164-65-80Program Listing 
Nurre, Nicholas P.Ehsan Taheri 1164-49-187Program Listing 
Ono, Maiko Saeed Nasseh, Yuji Yoshino 1164-13-130Program Listing 
Onofrei, Daniel  1164-35-102Program Listing 
Orosz Hunziker, Florencia Thomas Creutzig, Cuipo Jiang, David Ridout, Jinwei Yang 1164-17-52Program Listing 
Osting, Braxton  1164-52-176Program Listing 
Pang, Tao Weidong Tian 1164-91-190Program Listing 
Parlier, Hugo  1164-57-106Program Listing 
Parmar, Kanak Manuel Indaco, Ryan Long, Will Taylor, Nathan Adkins, Deepika Singla, Russell Mailen, Davide Guzzetti 1164-37-139Program Listing 
Pataki, Gabor Aleksandr Touzov 1164-49-235Program Listing 
Pavic-Colic, Milana Irene Gamba 1164-76-182Program Listing 
Peck, Robert W. 1164-05-212Program Listing 
Perkins, Will Tyler Helmuth, Matthew Jenssen 1164-60-171Program Listing 
Petri, Bram  1164-53-53Program Listing 
Plantholt, Michael  1164-05-111Program Listing 
Pollitz, Josh Srikanth Iyengar, Janina Letz, Jian Liu 1164-13-75Program Listing 
Pospisil, Christina  1164-15-7Program Listing 
Queirolo, E.  1164-37-46Program Listing 
Racz, Miklos Z. 1164-60-49Program Listing 
Rahmati, Hamid Claudia Miller 1164-13-203Program Listing 
Raoux, Katherine Matthew Hedden 1164-57-100Program Listing 
Ribeiro, Alejandro  1164-15-229Program Listing 
Rosso, Daniele Jason Gaddis 1164-16-78Program Listing 
Salmasian, Hadi Gail Letzter, Siddhartha Sahi 1164-16-162Program Listing 
Sather-Wagstaff, Sean K 1164-13-73Program Listing 
Savage, Alistair Alexandra McSween 1164-17-101Program Listing 
Scherich, Nancy C.Yvon Verberne 1164-20-194Program Listing 
Şega, Liana MRasoul Maleki 1164-13-226Program Listing 
Segarra, Santiago Nicholas Glaze, T Roddenberry 1164-57-170Program Listing 
Serganova, Vera Dimitar Grantcharov, Ivan Penkov 1164-17-231Program Listing 
Shan, Songling Yan Cao, Guantao Chen 1164-05-135Program Listing 
Shankar, Isabelle Serkan Hoşten, Angélica Torres 1164-90-223Program Listing 
Shi, Lingjuan Heping Zhang, Ruizhi Lin 1164-05-19Program Listing 
Shilnikov, Andrey L 1164-37-93Program Listing 
Shimane, Yuri Koki Ho 1164-65-113Program Listing 
Shinkle, Emily  1164-57-114Program Listing 
Sissokho, Papa Amar 1164-05-132Program Listing 
Sistko, Alexander  1164-08-39Program Listing 
Smith, Gregory G.Roy Skjelnes 1164-14-224Program Listing 
Song, Zi-Xia  1164-05-136Program Listing 
Srivastava, Ashish KLi Li, James Mixco, B. Ransingh 1164-16-112Program Listing 
Stark, Emily Alexander Margolis, Sam Shepherd, Daniel Woodhouse 1164-20-147Program Listing 
Su, Ting Nathan Bowler 1164-05-58Program Listing 
Sun, Jiguang  1164-35-81Program Listing 
Taheri, Ehsan  1164-49-168Program Listing 
Tao, Molei Tomoki Ohsawa 1164-65-64Program Listing 
Tharu, Bhikhari Nirajan Dhakal 1164-62-9Program Listing 
Tikaradze, Akaki  1164-16-156Program Listing 
Titi, Aseel  1164-35-97Program Listing 
Touzov, Aleksandr Gabor Pataki 1164-90-48Program Listing 
Truong, Trung T.Dinh-Liem Nguyen 1164-35-33Program Listing 
Tsynkov, Semyon Mikhail Gilman 1164-78-31Program Listing 
Usatine, Jeremy  1164-14-96Program Listing 
VandeBogert, Keller  1164-13-90Program Listing 
Veliche, Oana Lars Christensen 1164-13-77Program Listing 
Villarragut, Víctor M.Peter Kloeden 1164-37-28Program Listing 
Vo, Anh-Khoa  1164-65-23Program Listing 
Wang, Xingting Padmini Veerapen, Jason Gaddis 1164-16-99Program Listing 
Williams, Shawn  1164-57-208Program Listing 
Winarski, Rebecca RJames Belk, Dan Margalit 1164-57-206Program Listing 
Wolfe, Corey Madeline Brandt, Juliette Bruce, Melody Chan, Margarida Melo, Gwyeneth Moreland 1164-14-178Program Listing 
Wormell, Caroline L 1164-37-119Program Listing 
Yan, Wei Jiongmin Yong 1164-49-140Program Listing 
Yang, Jay  1164-13-210Program Listing 
Yang, Jiaqi Joan Gimeno, Jean-Philippe Lessard, Jason Mireles-James 1164-37-199Program Listing 
Yao, Yongwei Olgur Celikbas, Arash Sadeghi 1164-13-204Program Listing 
Ye, Dong Jiaao Li, Yezhou Wu 1164-05-129Program Listing 
Yin, Gang George Dang Nguyen 1164-93-42Program Listing 
Yong, Jiongmin  1164-49-12Program Listing 
Yoshino, Yuji Saeed Nasseh, Maiko Ono 1164-13-88Program Listing 
Young, Matthew B.Jens Eberhardt, Oliver Lorscheid 1164-19-103Program Listing 
Yu, Gexin Wei Meng, Martin Rolek, Yue Wang 1164-05-177Program Listing 
Zhang, Bo  1164-34-186Program Listing 
Zhang, Jianfeng Wilfrid Gangbo, Alpar Meszaros, Chenchen Mou 1164-60-55Program Listing 
Zhang, Kexue  1164-93-124Program Listing 
Zhao, Zhizhen  1164-62-174Program Listing 
Zhou, Haomin Gang Bao, Xiaojing Ye, Yaohua Zang 1164-65-158Program Listing 
Zhu, Chao Kurt Helmes, Richard Stockbridge 1164-93-30Program Listing 
Zhu, Jieru Mee Seong Im 1164-16-167Program Listing