Lecture Notes and Slides for

AMS Short Course on Finite Frame Theory: A Complete Introduction to Overcompleteness


  1. Frames and Phase Retrieval (slides) by Radu Balan

  2. An Introduction to Finite Frame Theory (notes) and An Introduction to Hilbert Space Frame Theory (slides) by Peter G. Casazza

  3. Compressed Sensing and Dictionary Learning (notes) and Practical Compressive Sampling with Frames (slides) by Guangliang Chen and Deanna Needell

  4. Unit Norm Tight Frames in Finite-Dimensional Spaces (notes) and (slides) by Dustin G . Mixon

  5. Preconditioning Techniques in Frame Theory and Probabilistic Frames (notes) and (slides) by Kasso A. Okoudjou

  6. Quantization for Finite Frames (notes) and (slides) by Alexander M. Powell

  7. Algebro-Geometric Techniques and Geometric Insights for Finite Frames (notes) and (slides) by Nate Strawn