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Call for Pre-proposals for 2012 AMS Short Course

The AMS invites individuals and groups of individuals to submit pre-proposals for the 2012 AMS Short Course to be held on January 2 - 3, 2012, immediately before the 2012 Joint Mathematics Meetings in Boston, MA. Typically, an AMS Short Course consists of a coherent sequence of survey lectures and discussions on a single theme of applied mathematics. There is a total of US$6500 available to organizers and speakers to cover expenses.

The pre-proposal should consist of a short description of the overall theme and organization of the Short Course, as well as the names of 5 - 6 potential speakers. Pre-proposals should be sent to the Short Course Subcommittee, at, by December 15, 2010. Questions should be sent to Ellen Maycock, AMS Associate Executive Director, at