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The 2013 SIAM Annual Meeting

Town and Country

The 2013 Annual Meeting of the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (SIAM) took place in San Diego (CA) at the Town and Country Resort.

SIAM booth


Over 1100 people attended the annual meeting and the SIAM Conference on Control and Its Applications, which was held jointly with the annual meeting. Below is a slideshow of photos from the meetings (most from the annual meeting, but some from lectures at the conference on control), and a slideshow of the prize and award luncheon.

Slideshow of photos taken at the meeting


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Slideshow of the SIAM Prizes and Awards Luncheon

SIAM President Irene Fonseca presided over this luncheon, which was held on the second day of the meeting. Names of the awardees are included as captions.

At the end of the ceremony, the members of the 2013 class of SIAM Fellows who were in attendance at the meeting were recognized and eventually had their picture taken.

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The 2014 SIAM Annual Meeting will take place July 7-11 in Chicago. A page about the 2012 SIAM Annual Meeting is also available.

Map of resort

There were many books and papers available at the meeting, but the most often read items
could easily have been the maps of the property of the Town and Country Labyrinth ... er, Resort.

Text and photos by AMS Public Awareness Officer Mike Breen.