2014 AMS Dinner Highlights

Celebrating Connection & Collaboration

The 2014 AMS Dinner at the Joint Mathematics Meetings celebrated connections to collaborators, old friends, and the mathematical community. The event was an excellent opportunity to socialize with colleagues and reflect on the past while taking a look at new and exciting developments. Members took pictures in the photo booth with their favorite collaborators and participated in fun activities including raffles and prizes! AMS members who were present were also honored for 25+ years of membership and S.W. Golomb received a special longest-term membership award.

AMS Executive Director Donald McClure speaks at the AMS Dinner at #JMM14 about ways the AMS is increasing connection and collaboration in the mathematics community. Three programs he highlights are new open access journals, meetings and conferences (including Mathematics Research Communities), and Student Chapters--all thanks to AMS volunteers, staff, and, importantly, members.

Read remarks from AMS President, David Vogan.

AMS Executive Director Donald McClure and AMS President David Vogan takes a photo with students from the AMS Graduate Student Chapters.

Members participating in the raffle.

Photobooth Fun




Photobooth pictures by Pixilated Photobooth, photos taken by Sandy Huffaker, video taken by AMS staff.