CSV Format

Subj:  CSV Format (comma-separated value)
Date:  8 July 2002
Mod:   9 Nov 2010 (added MOS)

For societies not ready to provide the data in XML format,
the CSV format should be in the following order:
 1. society     (Values: MAA, SIAM, AWM, TYC, CMS, or MOS)
 2. rectype     (Values: A, U, D)
 3. member id
 4. last name
 5. first name
 6. middle name
 7. title       (Examples: Dr, Lt, Rev, ...)
 8. suffix      (Examples: Jr, Sr, II, III, ...)
 9. position    (Examples: Asso Prof, Asst Prof, Dean, ...)
10. address addr1
11. address addr2
12. address addr3
13. address city
14. address state/province code
        (see http://www.ams.org/membership/stateprovince.html)
15. address country code
        (see http://www.ams.org/membership/countrycodes.html)
16. address postal code
        (if in the US, it contains 5-digit or XXXXX-XXXX)
17. institution name
18. institution city
19. institution state/province code
20. institution country code
21. birth year  (Values: 4-digit, or blank or 0)
22. birth month (Values: 1-12, or blank or 0)
23. birth day   (Values: 1-31, or blank or 0)
24. email address
25. phonetype1  (first phone type)
                (Values: WORK, HOME, FAX, or OTHER)
26. phone1      (first phone number)
27. phonetype2  (second phone type)
28. phone2      (second phone number)

More details can be found at:

here is a sample (it should be all on one line):

"AMS","A","123456","Smith","John","","Dr","Jr","Assoc Prof",
"Department of Mathematics","Rhode Island College",
"600 Mount Pleasant Avenue","Providence","RI","US",
"02908-1924","Rhode Island College","Providence","RI","US",

American Mathematical Society