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TeX Codes for Accents


TeX codes may be used only in the name field. If you are unsure of the code, it is better to omit it.



  • For accents, a control character or control word is followed by the letter to be accented within braces {}. Substitute the example letter with the correct one, i.e., for ü, enter \"{u}.
  • While there may be other acceptable TeX formats, the ones shown are preferred.
  • Output is shown only when there is an HTML equivalent.
Single accents using control characters: Letter a is used as an example, substitute actual letter.
Input Output Description
\`{a} à grave accent
\'{a} á acute accent
\^{a} â circumflex, "hat"
\"{a} ä umlaut, dieresis
\~{a} ã tilde, "squiggle"
\={a} macron, "overbar"
\.{a}   overdot accent
Single accents using control words: Substitute appropriate letter for example in braces.
Input Output Description
\v{s} \v{S} š Š Caron or hacek
\r{a} å over-circle, ring; see also \aa
\c{c} ç cedilla accent
\u{a}   breve accent
\H{a}   long Hungarian umlaut, double acute
\t{a}{a}   tie accent (joins two letters)
\d{a}   underdot accent
\b{a}   underbar accent
\k{a}   Polish hook, ogonek
\lfhook{a}   left or Latvian hook
\uarc{a}   underarc
\utilde{a}   under-tilde
Multiple accents: The letter a is used as an example, substitute appropriate letter.
Input Output Description
\candra{a}   candrabindu (Indian)
\acudot{a}   acute and underdot
\cfudot{a}   circumflex and underdot
\cfac{a}   circumflex and acute
Codes for pre-accented letters, ligatures, and related symbols: Enter as shown; do not substitute letters.
Input Output Description
{\aa} {\AA} å Å Scandinavian A-with-circle; do not use \r
{\ae} {\AE} æ Æ Scandinavian and Latin digraph AE
{\Dbar} Ð Icelandic eth or Slavic barred D
{\eth} ð Icelandic small eth
{\dbar}   Slavic small barred d
{\o} {\O} ø Ø Scandinavian O-with-slash
{\oe} {\OE} œ Œ French digraph OE
{\ss} ß German "ess-zet", "sharp S"
{\i}   undotted i; aways use for accented í
{\l} {\L}   Polish suppressed-L
{\cprime}   transliteration of cyrillic soft sign
{\cdprime}   transliteration of cyrillic hard sign

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