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Mary Cartwright (1900--1998)
Shawnee McMurran and James Tattersall


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Allyn Jackson

1998 Annual Survey of the Mathematical Sciences (First Report)
Paul W. Davis, James W. Maxwell, Kinda M. Remick

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Linear Systems of Plane Curves
Rick Miranda
The dimension of the space of plane curves vanishing to certain orders at finitely many points is counterintuitive. This article examines what is known toward proving a conjecture from the 1980s about this dimension.

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Twenty Years of Attacks on the RSA Cryptosystem
Dan Boneh
The RSA encryption system is used to secure many commercial transactions, including communications on the Internet and ordinary credit card payments. The author gives a number of ways in which slight carelessness in using the system can render it vulnerable.


"Small Steps" - Anthony W. Knapp

"Compute and Conjecture" - Susan Landau
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