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Nathan Jacobson (1910--1999)
Georgia Benkart, Irving Kaplansky, Kevin McCrimmon, David J. Saltman, and George B. Seligman


Four Reactions to "Principles and Standards for School Mathematics"
Susan Addington, Herbert Clemens, Roger Howe, and Mark Saul

Zero: The Biography of a Dangerous Idea--A Book Review
Reviewed by Jeremy Gray

Proof--A Theater Review
Reviewed by Dave Bayer

H.-T. Yau Receives MacArthur Fellowship

2000 Fulkerson Prize

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The Quadratic Family as a Qualitatively Solvable Model of Chaos
Mikhail Lyubich
In a number of ways, the iterates of mappings $x\mapsto x^2+C$ of the real line to itself exhibit behavior that is representative of general chaotic dynamical systems. The author discusses this behavior and the remarkable methods of complex-variable theory that unlock their mystery

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The Slow Revolution of the Free Electronic Journal
Allyn Jackson
Free electronic mathematics journals, which are run independently by mathematicians and are available for free on the Web, provide some important advantages over traditional print journals. This article examines how a number of such journals are run and discusses why there are not more such journals.


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