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WHAT IS...a Syzygy?
Roger Wiegand

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Allyn Jackson

Gödel, Inconsistency, Provability, and Truth: An Exchange of Letters

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A Tribute to Kurt Gödel
April 2006 marks the centennial of the birth of Kurt Gödel. The Notices marks this occasion with a collection of articles about Gödel, his work, and its impact on mathematics.

A Tribute in Photographs

The Incompleteness Theorem
Martin Davis

How Gödel Transformed Set Theory
Juliet Floyd and Akihiro Kanamori

Pictures at an Exhibition
Karl Sigmund

The Impact of the Incompleteness Theorem on Mathematics
Solomon Feferman

The Popular Impact of Gödel's Incompleteness Theorem
Torkel Franzén

In Quest of Kurt Gödel: Reflections of a Biographer
John W. Dawson Jr.

Incompleteness--A Book Review
Reviewed by Juliette Kennedy

2006 Events Celebrating the Gödel Centenary


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