The Shoelace Book--A Book Review
Reviewed by Colin Adams

Writing a Teaching Philosophy Statement
Helen G. Grundman

WHAT IS...a Quasiconformal Mapping?
Juha Heinonen

International Congress of Mathematicians 2006
Allyn Jackson

The Jefferson Fellowship Program

2006 Fulkerson Prize

2005 Annual Survey of the Mathematical Sciences (Third Report)
Ellen E. Kirkman, James W. Maxwell, Colleen A. Rose

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The Search for Simple Symmetric Venn Diagrams
Frank Ruskey, Carla D. Savage, and Stan Wagon
Generalizing the familiar pictures of two or three intersecting circles, a Venn diagram is a collection of simple closed curves that intersect in only finitely many points and such that the intersection of interiors of any subset of the curves is nonempty and connected. If there are n curves, and the diagram has n-fold rotational symmetry, n must be a prime. The authors show how these can be constructed.

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Better Ways to Cut a Cake
Steven J. Brams, Michael A. Jones, and Christian Klamler
A mathematical cake, as viewed by n persons participating in its division, is modeled by their n (covert) value functions on the unit interval. Each participant can cut the cake at a point by a vertical line at that point, and each is assumed to make their cut so as to maximize the value of the minimum size piece they might receive. The authors explore algorithms that allow this division to be fair to all.


"Opinion: Math for America and the Math Science Teaching Corps" - Irwin Kra, Executive Director, Math for America
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