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Current Issue: November  2011  Volume 58  Issue 10 
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This month offers some new perspectives in mathematical thought. Goong (Gordon) Chen et al. explore mathematical models for global warming. Paulo Ferreira and Rowland Higgins discuss sampling as a scientific technique. David Bailey and Jon Borwein investigate exploratory experimentation and computation as they apply to the mathematical sciences. And Chris Sangwin discusses the evolution from problem solving in school to mathematical research. All of these provide new ways to view our subject, and new grist for our mill. --Steven G. Krantz, Editor

Exploratory Experimentation and Computation

David H. Bailey and Jonathan M. Borwein

(pp. 1210)
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Greenhouse Gas Molecules: A Mathematical Perspective

Goong Chen, Jaan Laane, Steven E. Wheeler, Zhigang Zhang

(pp. 1421)
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Modeling the Journey from Elementary Word Problems to Mathematical Research

Chris Sangwin

(pp. 1436)
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The Establishment of Sampling as a Scientific Principle---A Striking Case of Multiple DIscovery

Paulo J. S. G. Ferreira and Rowland Higgins

(pp. 1446)
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