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Current Issue: August  2012  Volume 59  Issue 07 
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The August issue features a new look by Harold Edwards at the work of Évariste Galois, including interpretations of his original manuscripts. We also have an article by outgoing AMS President George Andrews about the significance of the data deluge. Maria Dedò and Laura Sferch write about the role of error in teaching and learning. Finally, there is a remembrance of mathematician Nigel Kalton. As usual, the Doceamus and Scripta Manent columns and other Communications round out the issue. --Steven G. Krantz, Editor (pp. )

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Galois for 21st-Century Readers

Harold M. Edwards

(pp. 912)

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Right or Wrong? That Is the Question

M. Dedò and L. Sferch

(pp. 924)

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Drowning in the Data Deluge

George E. Andrews

(pp. 933)

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A Tribute to Nigel J. Kalton (1946-2010)

Peter G. Casazza, Coordinating Editor

(pp. 942)

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What's a Math Educator to Do?
Solomon Garfunkel

Letters to the Editor

Math Girls--A Book Review
Reviewed by Mari Abe and Mei Kobayashi

Magical Mathematics--A Book Review
Reviewed by Donovan H. Van Osdol


From the AMS Secretary

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