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Current Issue: October  2012  Volume 59  Issue 09 
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The October Notices features an article in which a very engineering-oriented mathematician recounts his experiences collaborating with people from many different disciplines. It also showcases a mathematical analysis of pollution. There is an article about using IMMERSE-style courses to engage students in research. There is a second installment of the Benoît Mandelbrot memorial. Finally, an article about the PCAST report focuses attention on a hot-button issue in current mathematics education. --Steven G. Krantz, Editor (pp. )

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The Influence of Benoît B. Mandelbrot on Mathematics

Michael F. Barnsley and Michael Frame, Editors

(pp. 1208)

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When Does Compromise Prevent More Pollution?

C. Clemons, J. Cossey, M. Ferrara, S. Forcey, T. Norfolk, G. Obeng, D. Ricciardi, G. Young

(pp. 1223)

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An IMMERSE-Style Course Brings a Research Experience to Students and Faculty

Ellen Veomett

(pp. 1237)

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Interdisciplinary Research---Mathematical Interactions Viewed from Four Portrayals

Goong Chen

(pp. 1246)

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Mathematicians' Central Role in Educating the STEM Workforce
Eric M. Friedlander, Tara S. Holm, John Ewing, Rebecca Goldin, William H. Jaco, T. Christine Stevens, Abigail Thompson, David A. Vogan Jr.

Our Days Are Numbered and The Big Questions: Mathematics--Two Book Reviews
Reviewed by Paul Zorn


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