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Current Issue: October  2013  Volume 60  Issue 09 
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We celebrate the arrival of fall in the October issue with an article about the accuracy of Beethoven's metronome. This is accompanied by a piece on mathematical authority, agency, and voice in the teaching process. And there is a more mathematical item about Voevodsky's univalence axiom in homotopy theory. Finally, Kenneth A. Ross writes of his experience creating elementary analysis courses in the 1960s. --Steven G. Krantz, Editor (pp. )

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Was Something Wrong with Beethoven's Metronome?

Sture Forsén, Harry B. Gray, L. K. Olof Lindgren, and Shirley B. Gray

(pp. 1146)

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Teaching Mathematics with Women in Mind

Jessica M. Deshler and Elizabeth A. Burroughs

(pp. 1156)

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Voevodsky's Univalence Axiom in Homotopy Type Theory

Steve Awodey, Álvaro Pelayo, and Michael A. Warren

(pp. 1164)

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The Public Face of Mathematics
Jesús De Loera

Letters to the Editor

The Logician and the Engineer---A Book Review
Reviewed by Martin Davis

Figures of Thought---A Book Review
Reviewed by Brian Hayes


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