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Current Issue: December  2013  Volume 60  Issue 10 
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We close the year with a variety of articles on diverse mathematical subjects. These include (i) hearing the shape of a triangle, (ii) the role of Soviet ideology in mathematics, (iii) the universality of teaching techniques in school mathematics, (iv) numerical experimentation on a quantum computer, (v) the CBMS mathematics survey. Our goal is to treat all aspects of mathematics that may affect or interest the Notices readership. --Steven G. Krantz, Editor (pp. )

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Numeric Experiments on the Commercial Quantum Computer

Richard H. Warren

(pp. 1434)

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Hearing the Shape of a Triangle

Daniel Grieser and Svenja Maronna

(pp. 1440)

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The Struggle against Idealism: Soviet Ideology and Mathematics

Christopher Hollings

(pp. 1448)

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[Contemporary Pure] Math Is Far Less Than the Sum of Its [Too Numerous] Parts
Doron Zeilberger

Letters to the Editor

The Crest of the Peacock: Non-European Roots of Mathematics--A Book Review
Reviewed by Clemency Montelle


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