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Current Issue: March  2014  Volume 61  Issue 3 
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March brings with it a warm and entertaining article about communicating mathematics to the perplexed and the traumatized. Something from which we can all learn. There is also a piece on Turing and cryptography. And an article on modern perspectives on problem solving. Finally, we offer memories of the mathematician Paul Garabedian. --Steven G. Krantz, Editor (pp. )

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Paul Roesel Garabedian (1927--2010)

Jerry L. Kazdan, Peter D. Lax, Albert B. J. Novikoff, C. Denson Hill, Antony Jameson, Eva V. Swenson, Ruth Bers Shapiro, Cathy Garabedian, Emily Garabedian

(pp. 244)

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Alan Turing, Marshall Hall, and the Alignment of WW2 Japanese Naval Intercepts

Peter W. Donovan

(pp. 258)

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Viewing "Mathematics for Teaching" as a Form of Applied Mathematics: Implications for the Mathematical Preparation of Teachers

Andreas J. Stylianides and Gabriel J. Stylianides

(pp. 266)

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The Welcoming Side of Mathematics
Allyn Jackson

Letters to the Editor

Undiluted Hocus-Pocus--A Book Review
Reviewed by Andy Magid


From the AMS Secretary

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