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Current Issue: 09  2014  Volume 61  Issue 08 
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Fall is upon us and the Notices offers stimulating reading as you begin your teaching duties. We feature an article offering an analysis of the level sets of games. There is also a feature about the hot-button topic of MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses). Finally, we have an article about the history of the limit concept in calculus. We round out the picture with a WHAT IS...? column about periods, and with two particularly stimulating book reviews.---Steven G. Krantz, Editor

The Level Sets of Typical Games

Julie Rowlett

(pp. 840)
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Fermat, Leibniz, Euler, and the Gang: The True History of the Concepts of Limit and Shadow

Tiziana Bascelli, Emanuele Bottazzi, Frederik Herzberg, Vladimir Kanovei, Karin U. Katz, Mikhail G. Katz, Tahl Nowik, David Sherry and Steven Shnider

(pp. 848)
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MOOCs: An Inside View

Rachel McCulloch and Linda Preiss Rothschild

(pp. 866)
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