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Current Issue: 01  2015  Volume 62  Issue 01 
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The January issue features two fascinating articles about the Fields Medal. One considers whether the Fields Medal is actually the Nobel Prize of mathematics, and the other discusses whether the Fields Medal is a career-breaker for mathematical research. We also have an historical article about David Rittenhouse and a memorial article for distinguished analyst Joram Lindenstrauss. There is an article about the experience of being a Congressional Fellow in the United States Senate, and a Doceamus about writing a compelling teaching statement. Finally, there is a fascinating collection of Letters to the Editor that discuss whether or not diversity trumps ability. —Steven G. Krantz, Editor

David Rittenhouse: Modern Mathematician

David E. Zitarelli

(pp. 11-14)
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The Myth and the Medal

Michael J. Barany

(pp. 15-20)
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Is There a Curse of the Fields Medal?

János Kollár

(pp. 21-25)
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Joran Lindenstrauss, in Memoriam

William B. Johnson, Coordinating Editor; Gideon Schechtman, Coordinating Editor; Yoav Benyamini, Contributing Editor; Elon Lindenstrauss, Contributing Editor; Vitali Milman, Contributing Editor; Jean Bourgain, Contributing Editor; Assaf Naor, Contributing Editor; David Preiss, Contributing Editor; Gilles Pisier, Contributing Editor; Andrzej Szankowski, Contributing Editor; Ayelet Lindenstrauss, Contributing Editor and Nassif Ghoussoub, Contributing Editor

(pp. 26-37)
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Doceamus: Writing a Teaching Statement

James Oxley

(pp. 59-61)
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My Year in the United States Senate
Karen Saxe

Letters to the Editor

A Book Review
Animating Popular Mathematics: “The Simpsons and Their Mathematical Secrets”
Reviewed by Christopher Goff


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