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Current Issue: 08  2015  Volume 62  Issue 07 
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The August issue offers a variety of treats: There is a fascinating and visually stimulating article about improving undergraduate proof comprehension; an exciting look at the development of mathematics in Kenya based on Tom Denton’s first-hand experience there; a memorial of complex analyst Al Baernstein II, and a tribute piece for analyst Bill Arveson. —Steven G. Krantz, Editor

William B. Arveson: A Tribute

Palle E. T. Jorgensen and Daniel Markiewicz, Coordinating Editors

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Mathematics in Kenya

Tom Denton

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Investigating and Improving Undergraduate Proof Comprehension

Lara Alcock, Mark Hodds, Somali Roy and Matthew Inglis

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Report on 2013—2014 Doctoral Recipents
William Yslas Vélez, James W. Maxwell and Coleen A. Rose

Doctoral Degrees Conferred

Albert Baernstein II 1941--2014
David Drasin


On Leibniz, Expanded Edition by Nicholas Rescher
A Book Review by Eberhard Knobloch


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