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Current Issue: 09  2015  Volume 62  Issue 08 
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As we return to our teaching duties, it is both comforting and edifying to have a new issue of the Notices to turn to. The September issue contains an interview with the creators of PRIMES, an MIT research-based program for high school students. September also offers a compelling piece on the question of diversity for women in the STEM disciplines. There is a piece on Gauss’s hidden menagerie of dazzling visuals. And the September issue features a memorial to eminent Swedish mathematician Lars Hörmander. —Steven G. Krantz, Editor

Gauss's Hidden Menagerie: From Cyclotomy to Supercharacters

Stephan Ramon Garcia, Trevor Hyde, and Bob Lutz

(pp. 878-888)
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To the Memory of Lars Hörmander (19312012)

Jan Boman and Ragnar Sigurdsson, Coordinating Editors

(pp. 890-907)
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Mathematical Research in High School: The PRIMES Experience

Pavel Etingof, Slava Gerovitch, and Tanya Khovanova

(pp. 910-918)
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Van der Waerden in the Third Reich
A Book Review by Reinhard Siegmund-Schultze


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