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Current Issue: 10  2015  Volume 62  Issue 09 
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The October issue of The Notices contains many pleasures.There is a feature about Archimedes’s palimpsest, and another that traces the concept of curvature back to Nicole Oresme. A doctoral student and an associate professor of mathematics from Purdue have teamed to pen a Doceamus piece about teaching university mathematics; there is a retrospective on the life and work of topologist Dan Kan, and, finally, there is a report on the STaR program at the University of Missouri–Columbia. —Steven G. Krantz, Editor

A Medieval Mystery: Nicole Oresme's Concept of Curvitas

Isabel M. Serrano and Bogdan D. Suceavă

(pp. 1030-1034)
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The Method of Archimedes: Propositions 13 and 14

Shirley Gray, Daniel Ye Ding, Gustavo Gordillo, Samuel Landsberger and Cye Waldman

(pp. 1036-1040)
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Daniel M. Kan (1927—2013)
Clark Barwick, Ieke Moerdijk, Haynes Miller and Michael Hopkins

Rigorous Numerics in Dynamics
Jean-Philippe Lessard and Jan Bouwe van den Berg

Doceamus: Teaching University Mathematics: One Mathematician's Contribution
Brooke Max and Jill Newton

The STaR Program Continues to Rise
Barbara Reys and Robert Reys

Faltings and Iwaniec Awarded Shaw Prize



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