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Notices of the American Mathematical Society
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The Notices Editorial Board is appointed by the AMS Council, on the advice of the AMS Editorial Boards Committee. Further information about the AMS Council and committees is on the AMS Governance page.

Notices Editors and Staff

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    Associate Editors:

    • Krishnaswami Alladi
      University of Florida
    • David Bailey
      Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
    • Eric Bedford
      Indiana University, Bloomington
    • Jonathan Borwein
      University of Newcastle, Australia
    • Susanne C. Brenner
      Louisiana State University
    • Danny Calegari
      University of Chicago
    • Bill Casselman (Graphics Editor)
      University of British Columbia
    • Jennifer Chayes
    • Gerald Folland
      University of Washington
    • Susan Friedlander
      University of Southern California
    • Robion Kirby
      University of California at Berkeley
    • Rafe Mazzeo
      Stanford University
    • Harold Parks
      Oregon State University
    • Mark Saul
      Center for Mathematical Talent, New York University
    • Carla D. Savage (AMS Secretary)
      North Carolina State University
    • Steven Strogatz
      Cornell University
    • James Walker
      University of Wisconsin, Eau Claire
    Senior Writer and Deputy Editor:
    Allyn Jackson
    Production Editor:
    Rachel L. Rossi
    Contributing Writer:
    Elaine Kehoe
    Contributing Editor:
    Randi D. Ruden
    Editorial Assistant:
    David M. Collins
    Advertising Sales:
    Anne Newcomb
    Kyle Antonevich, Anna Hattoy, Teresa Levy, Mary Medeiros, Stephen Moye, Lori Nero, Karen Ouellette, Arlene O'Sean, Rachel Rossi, Donna Salter, Deborah Smith, Peter Sykes