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African Mathematical Schools

Category: Calls for Proposals / Graduate students

The AMU and the CIMPA are supporting and encouraging the organization of African Mathematical Schools (AMS). These schools are part of the CIMPA schools in partnership and their aim is to teach relevant and new topics in order to help motivated and able young people to continue their studies.

Main objectives of the African Mathematical School

- Provide Master students or early PhD students with the mathematical foundations and essential tools of selected active areas of mathematics.

- Contribute to the development of mathematics in all regions of the African continent by promoting the exchange of knowledge between young African mathematicians and the international mathematical community

- Break the isolation of African mathematicians by providing a platform for meeting fellow mathematicians from around the world, for exchanging knowledge and for sharing experience

- Identify talented students who are able to pursue Masters and PhD programs.

AMS main characteristics

- An AMS is organized for a number of participants between 40 and 80 and last 2 to 4 weeks around one or, even better, several thematics.

- These schools are of Master Degree or end of Bachelor level and are intended for students from countries where they stand.

International Centre of Pure and Applied Mathematics
Date Posted: Apr 01, 2017
Deadline: Oct 01, 2017