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SIMIODE Challenge Using Differential Equation Modeling - SCUDEM IV 2019

Category: Contests and Competitions / Pre-college students and teachers, Undergraduate students

We offer an invitation for nationwide (and more) SIMIODE Challenge Using Differential Equation Modeling - SCUDEM IV 2019 at local schools around the country (and beyond!) with Challenge Saturday, 9 November 2019, for schools within a two hour drive of the local sites. We shall be posting site locations as their numbers grow. If you are interested in having a three member student team register and engage or hosting SCUDEM at your school then please do so now. SCUDEM IV 2019 registration opens 1 September 2019 and runs through 25 October 2019.

Visits for complete details. We are currently seeking Local Site Host Coordinators.

The high school and undergraduate student team (3 students per team) challenge takes place over a week-long period that begins on Friday, 1 November 2019, at each teamís individual home campus and culminates on Saturday, 9 November 2019, at a regional host site. Beginning on Friday, 1 November 2019, three member student teams can access three modeling scenarios involving differential equations, posted at our SIMIODE website. They select one on which to work. These teams will work at their home institution, developing approaches and solutions to their chosen modeling scenario. The scenarios are designed so that every team may experience success in modeling, building their skills and confidence in differential equations. Each team will prepare a draft Executive Summary and 10 minute Presentation to bring to the regional host site on Challenge Saturday, 9 November 2019. There, student teams will work on a small modification of the modeling scenario they have selected (for example, effects of new assumptions, variables or changes in parameters) for inclusion in their final Presentation, NOT their Executive Summary, though. They are NOT to redo their model, rather they are to discuss how this new modification might be incorporated in their model and what outcomes they might expect in view of this new modification.

In the morning faculty will participate in faculty development experience to help them incorporate more modeling in their coursework. SIMIODE has complete, off-the-shelf, ready-to-go, faculty development materials available and will work with local campus coordinators to tailor the workshop as needed. Student teams will address the expansion to their problem for inclusion in their Presentation, adding any additional details needed. The first portion of the faculty development program will involve students as well as all engage in a real-time modeling activity and discuss their different perspectives.

Teams will submit their anonymous Executive Summary (paper copy) at registration/check-in without addressing the additional issues for morning judging by faculty. Then at noon local site time student teams will submit their fully identified electronic Executive Summary and Presentation files to challenge monitors for posting at the end of SCUDEM IV 2019. Their Presentation will be used in afternoon sessions and must address the additional issue for judging efforts.

During the afternoon session, each team, in one of several tracks of four teams, will give a 10 minute Presentation, scored by an audience of coaches, faculty, and participating students. The challenge culminates with an awards ceremony rounding out the day by 4:30 PM to allow time to travel home.

There is a \$100 US registration fee for each coach-team pair which includes both faculty development workshop and team participation. Additional teams from the same school, with each team having its own coach, preferably, may also register for $100 for each additional coach-team pair. All teams must have a faculty coach. Registration fees are paid through SIMIODE's PayPal portal using a credit card which will be open from 1 September 2019 - 1 November 2019. Additional faculty, who are not coaching a team, may join workshop and judging activities at no cost. Membership in SIMIODE is FREE. Sign up for SIMIODE at www.simiode.or/register.

Date Posted: Feb 22, 2019
Deadline: Oct 25, 2019