AMS Award for Outstanding Pi Mu Epsilon Student Paper Presentation

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The AMS sponsors annual awards that are made by Pi Mu Epsilon (PME), the national honorary mathematics society.

About this Award

The awards were initiated in 1989 in honor of PME's seventy-fifth anniversary.  PME administers the awards and uses them to recognize the best student paper(s) presented at a PME student paper session.  (Beginning in 2009, the American Statistical Association joined in supporting these awards.)

Most Recent Award: 2018

  • Preston Biro, Texas A&M University, "A Statistical Approach to the Effect of Suspensions in the NFL"
  • Keller Blackwell, University of South Florida - Tampa, "Structural Properties of Twisted Hermitian Codes and Applications to Cryptography"
  • Kathleen Buch, Xavier University, "Optimizing Congressional Voting Districts using a Genetic Algorithm"
  • William Craig, Virginia Tech, "Quiver Hall-Littlewood Functions and Kostka-Shoji Polynomials"
  • Brian Darrow Jr., Southern Connecticut State University, "On Developing an Early Warning System"
  • Samuel Delatore, Youngstown State University, "A Not-So-Fair Guessing Game and the Math Behind It"
  • Anthony Dickson, Youngstown State University, "The Prime Number Theorem: A Historical Look at How Mathematicians Proved It"
  • Caroline Howell, Troy University, "Mapping Sound Waves in Octave"
  • Jacob Kirsch, Saint John?s University, "Image Recognition Using Polynomial Regression and Artificial Neural Networks"
  • Robert Lehr, Southwestern University, "Perspective Drawing: How to Find the Immersion Point"
  • Katherine Mantych, Elmhurst College, "The Rational-Float Data Type"
  • Bridget Mueller-Brennan, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, "New Songs in the Deep: A Passive Acoustic Analysis of the Temporal and Spatial Distribution of Omura?s Whales (Balaenoptera omurai)"
  • Daniel Plummer, Howard University, "Bitcoin, Blockchain Technology and the Future of Commerce"
  • Henry Potts-Rubin, College of Wooster, "A Convention for Drawing Knots and Links on the Real Projective Plane"
  • Victoria Robinson, University of Mississippi, "On a Generalization of the

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