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Annual Survey of the Mathematical Sciences

Sponsored by:
American Mathematical Society (AMS)
American Statistical Association (ASA)
Institute of Mathematical Statistics (IMS)
Mathematical Association of America (MAA)
Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (SIAM)
Conducted by:
American Mathematical Society (AMS)

Full Reports Prior to 1996

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Prior to 1999, Annual Survey data was published two times a year in the Notices of the AMS as the First and Second Reports

  • See About the Annual Survey for a detailed description of the information available in each report.

    Annual Survey Reports 1976-1995 PDF Document

    First Report
    • Doctorates Granted and Sex, Race/Ethnicity, & Citizenship 
    • Faculty Salaries
    Second Report
    • Updated data on new doctoral recipients
    • Employment Experiences of New Doctoral Recipients
    • Departmental Profile
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    Definition of Annual Survey Groups Questions about surveys and data, including requests for copies of reports prior to 1996, should be sent to

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