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Making the decision to participate

What is the Employment Center?
For those who are currently in the job market, the Employment Center is a central meeting place for employers and applicants who are attending the Joint Mathematics Meetings. Interviews are arranged in two ways; either by computer scheduling, or by personal invitation from an employer.  The Employment Center is a great resource not only for interviewing purposes, but also for finding out what jobs are available in the mathematical community, meeting other applicants, and making a personal connection with employers not possible on paper.   Read more in the Overview

What kind of employers are there?
Many of the employers are academic mathematical sciences departments.  There are some nonacademic employers.  A list of LAST YEAR's employers is available; this year's list will not be made public to applicants until December.

There will be usually be no interviews held for research-oriented postdoctoral positions.  Attention generally goes to versatile candidates who are well suited for teaching positions at bachelorŐs-granting colleges. 

THIS YEAR's list of employers will be printed in the Winter List of Employers, and mailed to registered applicants in December.

What are my chances of getting interviews?
A lot depends on whether you have been able to make a number of applications in the months preceding the Employment Center.  Previous applications increase the chance that employers will seek you out.  Last year, the applicants using the computer-scheduled section received an average of 2.5 interviews.  Those who responded to a follow-up survey reported an average or 3 or 4 interviews in the Interview Center. 

Data from recent Employment Centers show that:

Will I get a job?
Applicants should understand that the Employment Center provides no guarantees of interviews or jobs. It is simply a convenient meeting place for candidates and employers who are attending the Joint Meetings.

Keep in mind that interviews arranged by the Employment Center represent only an initial contact with the employers and that hiring decisions are not made during or immediately following such interviews.  A good outcome, in the following weeks or months, would be an invitation for a campus visit. 

What are the two options for applicants? 

REGISTER before October 24, 2007

Applicants will be registered when they have completed the following steps:
  1. Register and pay for the Joint Mathematics Meetings.   Look for "Registration" on the Joint Meetings website (available in early September, 2007).

  2. Mark one of the two "Employment Center Applicant fee" boxes on the Joint Meetings registration form and pay the appropriate fee. If you choose "Message Center and Winter List only", you will NOT receive, or turn in, an interview request/availability form.

  3. Submit an Applicant (brief resume) form electronically. Successful submission of the form will generate an on-screen acceptance message and an automatic email reply to the address given on the form. Each applicant form will be reproduced in a booklet, the Winter List of Applicants, and distributed to all registered employers. Applicant forms received after October 27, 2006 cannot be included in the booklet. The booklet allows employers more time to examine each candidate's qualifications in advance. Viewing the list of MR Classification Codes may be necessary for completing the applicant form.
Advance registration fees for applicants using the full Employment Center services are $44 plus Joint Meetings registration fee, vs. $82 on-site registration fee plus Joint Meetings registration fee. The applicant "Message Center and Winter List only" registration is $22 in advance or on site. However, those registering for this service after October 24 will have missed the opportunity to appear in the Winter List.

Applicants registered by October 24 will receive their Employment Center materials two to three weeks in advance unless they request otherwise. The package will include all job announcements received from employers registered in advance.

After the October 24 deadline
Registration for the Employment Center will continue after the October 24 deadline until the final registration deadline of December 14; however, the applicant form will NOT be included in the Winter List but will be posted on site at the Employment Center (a serious disadvantage). Those who do not register by December 14 must register on site at the Joint Meetings Registration Desk and pay the higher fees.

Registering on Site
Feel free to enter the Employment Center area first to consult staff about the decision to register on site, and to check on which employers are participating. Full registration on site early Sunday is allowed, for a higher fee, but is severely discouraged. Most employers will not notice an applicant form which arrives on Sunday. Therefore, these individuals will only receive a couple of computer scheduled interviews. Registration on site is advisable only for those who know they will be interviewed in the Interview Center and would like a message center folder for employers to leave messages in. Registering on site for a mailbox only is possible, at the $22 rate, on Sunday and Monday.

If you need to register on site for the Employment Center, then you first must go to the Joint Meetings registration desk and pay for the Employment Center. You will receive a receipt which needs to be brought with you to the Employment Center to complete the registration process. You will receive further directions about the meeting during your registration at the Employment Center.

Getting ready

What do I do in advance to prepare for the Employment Center?   
The most important preparation is to register for the Employment Center before the advanced deadline date, October 24, 2007. If you complete your registration by then, your name and brief resume form will be placed in the Winter List of Applicants. This booklet is then distributed to all registered employers approximately one month prior to the start of the meeting. Therefore, employers will know that you will be attending the meeting and will be able to read your qualifications ahead of time. You may also want to consider doing some networking before the meeting and letting employers know that you will be attending the meeting. 

What do I bring?

Setting interviews in advance
Computer-scheduled interviews are arranged on site.  If an employer emails you in advance to set up an interview in the employer-scheduled interview center, you can accept it and then mark yourself as unavailable for that time period when you fill out the computer request form on site.  See the schedule for exact time periods.

What to do on site ...

When should I arrive?
All participants in the scheduled section of the Employment Center must submit their Interview Request/Availability Forms in person between 9:30 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. on Sunday, January 6, 2008, or they will not be included when the interview-scheduling program runs
Sunday night.

What if I get delayed while traveling and canŐt get there the first day (Sunday)? 
The ONLY method of getting on the computer schedule, if you can't make it to the convention center before 4:00 p.m. Sunday, January 6, is to PHONE IN your requests to the Employment Center desk between 7:30 am and 4:00 pm Sunday, Central time.  Plan to carry your request materials with you while travelling.  The number in San Diego is not available yet, but will be contained in the email acknowledgement that goes to registerted applicants, and will be available on this web site, as soon as it is known. 

What should I do at the meeting ...

      Computer scheduled applicants:
       All applicants:
      Computer scheduled applicants:

       All applicants:

What should I do after the Employment Center?

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