What do you use to take notes in class?


Do you use an electronic tool or app to take notes in classes, or do you prefer to take notes with an ink pen or pencil? Math grad student Tyler Clark blogs about some features of tech resources that he finds valuable.

Qualifying for Who Wants to Be a Mathematician

WWTBAM champ Vivek Miglani and WWTBAM host Mike BreenThe first round of qualifying for the 2015 national Who Wants to Be a Mathematician is going on now, through Sept. 20. The competition is for high school students, although eighth graders are welcome to try out, too. Top prize is $5,000 for the winning student and $5,000 for the student's math department. Find out more about America's most exciting math contest. (At left, Vivek Miglani, the 2014 champ. Photo by Sandy Huffaker.)

September Feature Column

In this month's Feature Column, Joe Malkevitch writes on "Mathematics and Chemistry: Partners in Understanding Our World." Joe describes many of the connections between math and chemistry.

Math in the Media

Thomas Hales at his 2010 Arnold Ross LectureIn the September Math in the Media, Tony Phillips looks at coverage of the 2014 Fields Medals, the completion of the Flyspeck Project (Thomas Hales's formal proof of the Kepler Conjecture), and putting more math into common discourse. Math Digest has summaries of coverage of other math in the news, including Ben Pittman-Polletta's summary of work synthesizing the graph K3,3 in a polymer. (Left: Thomas Hales at his 2010 Arnold Ross Lecture.)