Welcome to the Pilot Program for AMS Student Chapters

In the initial 2012/13 startup phase, several U.S. graduate programs have been participate with Sherry O'Brien.  Those programs can accept the offer and get started by completing the following steps:

  1. Submit the Petitionfor the Formation of an AMS Student Chapter.  This should be signed by five or more students and one faculty member; all must be current AMS members.
  2. Submit your Rules of Procedure (sample available here).
  3. Submit Budget for 2012/13 academic year.

The American Mathematical Society (AMS) is instituting a program of Student Chapters that will generate interest in the mathematical sciences and encourage students in their mathematical pursuits.  These AMS Student Chapters will:

  • Receive standard funding of up to $500 annually from the AMS for mathematical activities undertaken by the Student Chapters;
  • Offer a focus for small groups of local students to interact among themselves and with more established mathematicians.
  • Offer a conduit for resources and advice between the AMS and students in the mathematical sciences.
  • Provide a pipeline for future AMS members and their participation in AMS activities and governance.

Such a program of Student Chapters will increase students’ awareness of AMS activities and encourage students’ current and future involvement in the AMS.

The AMS Student Chapters will initially be established for and by graduate students, although some Chapters may
include undergraduate members.  We note that at schools that are AMS institutional members, all graduate students are automatically members of the AMS. Standard funding for a chapter will be $500 per year, but funding of up to an additional $500 per year may be available to particularly successful Chapters.  Supplemental requests must describe why the Chapter needs the extra funding and how many people will participate in the funded activities. Supplemental funding is contingent on availability of funds.  

About Student Chapters

An AMS Student Chapter is designed to generate interest in the mathematical sciences and to provide students with opportunities to:

  • Share ideas with fellow students and faculty.
  • Hone job skills and explore career opportunities.
  • Make contacts with students and faculty at their own and at other institutions.
  • Invite guest speakers and organize mathematical meetings.
  • Sponsor social functions for the mathematical community.
  • Attend local AMS meetings as a group.

The AMS Student Chapter program will benefit both graduate students and the AMS in various ways, including:

  • Providing a more direct and reliable means of communication between the AMS and graduate student representatives.
  • Providing a focal point for graduate student mathematics, with the potential for obtaining additional funding from local sources.
  • Heightening awareness and appreciation of the AMS by graduate students.

AMS Student Chapters may be based at a single college or university, or may include students at several institutions
in a localized area. The AMS encourages Chapters to reach out to allied departments such as statistics, computer science, physics, and engineering. The AMS also encourages chapters to integrate with existing chapters from other mathematical organizations such as the AWM and SIAM.

Benefits of Student Chapters

  • The AMS provides standard funding of up to $500 per academic year for each Student Chapter to support guest speakers, refreshments for Chapter meetings, and other chapter activities.
  • The AMS helps promote Student Chapter activities via listings on the AMS website and links to Chapter websites.
  • There may be opportunities to report Chapter activities in the Notices of the AMS.
  • Chapter events may be scheduled at Sectional and National AMS meetings.
  • Faculty advisors and Chapter officers receive periodic updates from the AMS regarding Chapter activities and news.

Establishing a New Chapter

In order to establish an AMS Student Chapter, the organizers must submit a petition to the AMS Board of Trustees for approval.  Below is a list of the information required in the petition.  If the petition is approved, a letter of approval will be sent to the faculty adviser and to the Chapter president.    


The petition must include the following information:

  • Sponsoring Organization (generally a college or university).
  • Faculty Advisor, with contact information.
  • All students who will be charter members of the Student Chapter, including at least 5 students who are AMS members, with contact information. (Note that at institutional members of the AMS, all graduate students are automatically AMS members.)
  • Proposed officers of the Student Chapter.
  • Rules of Procedure for the proposed Student Chapter (see below)
  • Annual budget for the first year of the proposed Student Chapter (see below).

Rules of Procedure:

The organizers should describe the rules that will govern the proposed Student Chapter. A template that can be adapted to fit the specific needs of the Chapter appears in Appendix B. Alternatively, organizers may use a template that their sponsoring institution provides.

Some of the items that should be covered are:

  • Activities
  • Institutions from which members will be recruited
  • Membership eligibility
  • Benefits of membership
  • Officers and terms of office
  • Executive and other committees (if any)
  • Meetings
  • Chapter funds
  • Dues (if any)


The organizing group should develop a budget for the Student Chapter during its initial year.  The organizing group should discuss with the appropriate department how it plans to handle Chapter funds.  The group is encouraged to investigate additional sources of funding from departments and the sponsoring institution. 

Ongoing Activities and Responsibilities

  • Annual Activities Report:  The Student Chapter will provide the AMS a report of its activities each year.  This report is due by June 30 each year.  The AMS will provide an online Annual Activities Report Form that Secretary of the Student Chapter should fill out and submit electronically by June 30 each year.  
  • Annual Treasurer’s Report:  The Student Chapter will provide the AMS with a report of its revenue and expenditures each year.  The AMS will provide an online Annual Treasurer’s Report Form that the Treasurer of the Student Chapter should fill out and submit electronically by June 30 each year.  
  • Request for Funding:  The AMS provides funding for Chapter activities and to help Chapters generate interest in mathematics among students on campus.  Student Chapters with at least five AMS members may request up to $500 per academic year from the AMS. Large chapters with extensive activities may request up to $500 of additional supplemental funding.  The AMS will provide a Request for Funding Form that Student Chapters should fill out and submit electronically. Except in the initial year, requests for funding should be submitted on or before September 30 of year n for the academic year n to n+1.