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AMS-AAAS Mass Media Science and Engineering Summer Fellowship


AMS-AAAS Mass Media Fellowships have been awarded to Kathryn Leonard, a graduate student at Brown University, who will spend her fellowship summer at POPULAR SCIENCE magazine, and Mary Ann Saadi, of the University of Rhode Island, who is assigned to BUSINESS WEEK.

The AAAS Mass Media Science and Engineering Fellows Program places advanced studentsin mathematics, science and engineering at radio stations, TV stations, newspapersand magazines throughout the U.S.

The goal of the program is to strengthen the connections between science andthe media. The fellowship provides an opportunity for 10 weeks during the summer toobserve and participate in the process by which events and ideas become news; improvecommunications skills by learning to describe complex technical subjects in a manner comprehensible to nonspecialists; and increase understanding of editorial decision-making and how information is effectively disseminated.

Announcements for the program, with application information, appear annually in the October issue of Notices of the AMSand on this Web page (note--the application deadline is usually mid-Januaryfor the following summer).

Contact: Monica Foulkes AMS Washington Office

Previous AMS-AAAS Mass Media Science and Engineering Fellows:

Brian Allen, a graduate student at Purdue University, spent hisfellowship summer at the Washington DC bureau of TIME magazine. A reporton his experiences will appear in the October issue of Notices of the AMS.

Edouard Servan-Schreiber, a graduate student at the University of California at Berkeley, spent his fellowship summer at National Geographic TV in Washington DC.

Elizabeth Veomett, a graduate student at Oregon State University, spent her fellowship at Business Week.
Benjamin Stein, a graduate student at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, spent his fellowship at National Geographic Television. See article "Experiences of AMS-AAAS Media Fellows", Liz Veomett and Ben Stein, Notices of the AMS, January 1998 (PDF file).