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AMS Epsilon Fund Grants for Young Scholars Programs

About the Grants

  • The AMS Epsilon Fund awards grants of up to US$15,000 in support of summer mathematics programs for mathematically talented high school students.
  • Support will be offered to existing programs that are most successful in nourishing mathematically talented youth.
  • Programs should have been in existence for at least one year, and preferably more.
  • Successful programs tend to have the following characteristics: run over a period of multiple weeks in the summer, bring in at least 20 high school students with mathematical talent, and generally are directed by mathematicians.
  • Programs can focus on problem solving or mathematical research in any area of mathematics.
  • Funding is for one year and it is expected that half of the funds will be used for student scholarships and half for program expenses.
  • Award announcements are made in late February. Approximately 5 - 7 awards are made per year.  See the list of current and previous years' Epsilon Fund grants.

Application Information

  • Applications are accepted from program directors only (not from students or parents).
  • Deadline: December 15 for awards the following summer.
  • The application is available beginning September 15th on
  • Questions?  Contact the AMS Membership and Programs Department with any questions or to have your program added to the mailing list, at 800-321-4267, ext. 4113, or submit an inquiry..

About Young Scholars Programs

  • Visit the websites of Young Scholars Programs to find out more about these exciting summer programs for high school students.
  • Contact the AMS to have your program added to the program list, at 800-321-4267, ext. 4113, or submit a listing.

Support for the Epsilon Program

The Epsilon Fund began operating in 1999/2000. It is supported by mathematicians. An endowment to ensure its future has been started and contributions are welcome at any time.