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MRC Week 2a, June 10 – 16, 2018

Quantum Symmetries: Subfactors and Fusion Categories

David Penneys, The Ohio State University
Julia Plavnik, Texas A & M University
Noah Snyder, Indiana University

Just as a group encodes classical symmetry, subfactors and fusion categories encode quantum symmetry. These mathematical objects have applications in a diverse range of settings across mathematics and physics, including invariants of 3-manifolds, representation theory, condensed matter physics, topological phases of matter, and quantum information. This program will bring together graduate students, postdocs, and early career researchers from operator algebras, representation theory, category theory, topology, and quantum information theory to work together on problems on classifying, understanding, and applying quantum symmetries.

The application period is closed. No further applications will be accepted.

Here is a list of individuals who participated in this conference:

  • Marcel Bischoff
  • Costel Bontea
  • Paul Bruillard
  • Ian Charlesworth
  • Colleen Delaney
  • Cain Edie-michell
  • Samuel Evington
  • Luca Giorgetti
  • Paul Gustafson
  • Jordyn Harriger
  • Roberto Hernandez Palomares
  • Corey Jones
  • Shuang Ming
  • Cris Negron
  • Travis Russell
  • Lauren Ruth
  • Sherilyn Tamagawa
  • James Tener
  • Xingting Wang
  • Yilong Wang
  • Elizabeth Wicks
  • Qing Zhang

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