Mathematics Research Communities

MRC Conference Week 1a: May 29-June 4, 2022

Applied Category Theory


  • John Baez, University of California, Riverside
  • Simon Cho, Amazon
  • Daniel Cicala, University of New Haven
  • Nina Otter, Queen Mary University of London
  • Valeria de Paiva, Topos Institute

Applied category theory is an emerging field of study focused on the discovery and development of real-world applications of category theory. Until recently, category theory has been used as an abstract framework to relate structure underlying collections of mathematical objects and is used as such by algebraic geometers, homotopy theorists, and logicians. It is rapidly becoming clear that these features of category theory also make it an ideal framework with which to analyze systems of interest across disparate applied contexts. Recent examples include systems engineering, epidemiological models, database theory, distributed systems, and game theory. This MRC will provide a focused long-term agenda for early-career mathematicians in the US interested in applying category theoretic approaches to studying real-world problems. Applicants from academia and industry are welcome.

During the workshop, we intend to focus on three specific areas of application. John Baez (University of Riverside) will lead a study of chemical reaction networks using category theoretic methods. Valeria de Paiva (Topos Institute) will lead a study in the context of computer science by looking into indexed containers and partial compilers using lenses and Dialectica Categories. Nina Otter (Queen Mary University of London) will lead a study of social networks using simplicial complexes.

Please note that you may apply to more than one MRC conference if they match your research interests. A separate application is needed for each one. However, you can only be selected as a participant in one conference.

Applications were accepted on MathPrograms, with a deadline of February 15, 2022. No new applications are being accepted at this time. 


For questions about the application process, please contact the Programs Department at the AMS.