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AMS for Teachers and Parents

Whether your student or child shows exceptional talent and interest, or asks “what is math good for?” and “why do I need to know math?”, you will find here a wealth of resources, publications and news to help you educate, inspire and mentor high school and undergraduate students. You may wish to direct students to the High School and Undergraduate information page as well so they can explore for themselves.

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Free Posters

Request free printed posters for your department, home or office. Examples include:

  • Women Doing Mathematics
  • What Can I Do with a Math Degree?
  • Latinx and Hispanics in the Mathematical Sciences
  • Historical Black Mathematicians
  • and many more
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Programs to Encourage High School Math Students

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Programs to Encourage Math Majors

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AMS Books, Blogs and Free Online Materials

Search more on the AMS Bookstore.

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Fun Outside the Classroom: For Teachers, Parents and Students!

Free games, activities, magazines and websites to read and engage with others.

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On Teaching and Learning Mathematics

Articles in Notices of the AMS:

Doceamus ("let us teach") columns, include "Listening to Teachers", "(Math) Teachers Are the Key", "Common Core Offers the Opportunity to Reorder Math Topics to Better Emphasize Their Connections and Applications". Search "Doceamus" and "Education" in Notices to see many articles on math education research, Common Core State Standards, NCTM Math Standards, teacher preparation, pedagogy, awards for math education, classroom resources, Math Circles, gender and math, and more.

On Teaching and Learning Mathematics, an AMS blog edited by Mark Saul (editor-in-chief), Ben Blum-Smith, Al Cuoco, E. Paul Goldenberg, Steven Klee, Yvonne Lai, and Amanda Serenevy.

AMS Committee on Education: the Society's channel for communication and cooperation with other organizations on matters concerning education, provides a forum for the discussion of mathematics education issues, provides information and makes recommendations to the leadership and membership of the Society on education issues, and organizes elements of AMS meetings addressing mathematics education. See reports, contacts, upcoming meetings.

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Join a professional organization

Join an organization that best fits with your goals, needs and budget. Each offers member newsletters and journals, prizes and awards, programs for students, and valuable web resources.


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