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Arnold Ross Lectures 2001

Tuesday, April 3, 2001
St. Louis Science Center
St. Louis, MO


John Conway
Princeton University
Tangles Bangles andKnots

Mary Ellen Rudin
University of Wisconsin-Madison
What is Topology?

Program for talented and motivated mathematics students!

Arnold Ross Lectures 2001

Sponsored by American Mathematical Society and
St. Louis Science Center

The American Mathematical Society is proud to present the 12th in a series of lectures for talented high school mathematics students.

This is a time of exciting progress in the mathematical sciences. Mathematical research has stimulated new ideas in many subject areas--computer science, physics, engineering, biology, the behavioral sciences, and other disciplines. And yet many people are not aware of the importance of mathematics and the stimulating activities currently under way in mathematical research.

The purpose of this series of lectures for talented high schoolmathematics students is to stimulate their interest in mathematics beyond the traditional classroom and to show them the tremendous opportunities for careers in mathematics--as mathematics teachers and as researchers in government, industry, and universityprograms. The lectures are intended to illustrate some recentdevelopment in mathematical research.



Committee for Arnold Ross Lectures

Arthur T. Benjamin
    Harvey Mudd College

Robert Devaney, Chair
    Boston University

Deborah Tepper Haimo, Past Chair
     University of California,
    San Diego

Victoria A. Powers
    Emory University

Judy L. Walker
    University of Nebraska

For more information contact:

American Mathematical Society
Robin Aguiar
tel: 800-321-4267, ext. 4139
fax: 401-455-4004

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