It is great that the AMS is able to conduct this competition which values and encourages mathematical talent. While sports are usually celebrated, it is wonderful that students interested in mathematics can also be encouraged. I sincerely hope that many more students gain the opportunity to participate in this competition.


Sample Questions from Who Wants to Be a Mathematician

Sample question

Below are samples of previous games in PowerPoint and pdf formats, which you can view or download in order to get a feel for the types of questions in the game or to adapt for your own use. Disclaimer: Keep in mind that Who Wants To Be A Millionaire is an established television show, which means the name and game are trademarks and copyrighted. The adaptation that the AMS presents, Who Wants to Be a Mathematician, has been developed as a non-profit outreach program for talented high school students. Teachers and others may use the sample questions and format for their own teaching purposes only and may not distribute or profit from this game in any way.

National game: Semifinal game  PowerPoint   PDF  and Final game  PowerPoint   PDF

Regional game: PowerPoint   PDF

You may also see questions from previous contests on our video page.


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