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AMS-Simons Travel Grants

Awardee information page

  • For travel support recipients, the AMS expects to reimburse actual, allowable expenses up to the stated amount of the travel award and after all requirements for reimbursement are met. Travel reimbursement requests may only be for travel which actually took place; however, registration fees for online events for the awardee are permissible with approval of your mentor. Trip insurance cannot be reimbursed. Note that the AMS expects to reimburse tickets purchased two weeks in advance, so if travel conditions are uncertain, consider waiting for that point. If travel rules or procedures change, changes will be posted here and current awardees will be notified by email. 

How to arrange a trip

It is anticipated that several trips may be taken during the two years of the grant, but the plans are completely up to the awardee and the mentor. Once the mentor and awardee have agreed on a certain trip, please follow these procedures:

Fill out a AMS Simons Pre-Authorization Mentor Form:

AMS Simons Pre-Authorization Mentor Form

After filling out the awardee's portion of the form, save a digital copy. Attach the document to email and send to the mentor. The mentor should review the document, type in his or her name in the mentor signature field, then attach to email and send directly to AMS staff. (Please note: The form must come directly from the mentor's email address. Please make sure that the AMS staff has the mentor's email on file. Forms will be rejected if the emails do not match).

Awardees are responsible for all travel arrangements and registrations for the planned trip. Reimbursement of allowable expenses occurs after the travel, and after a properly completed travel voucher is received at the AMS and processed for payment.

Receiving payments after travel is completed

Fill out an AMS Simons Travel Voucher Form:

AMS Simons Travel Voucher Form

Complete the form, including the date and a typed signature. Save a copy for your records and email the completed voucher to AMS Staff at the email address found on the voucher. Be sure to attach all receipts and documentation to this same email. 

Travel reimbursement guidelines:

Please make an inquiry to AMS staff first to see if extraneous expenses are covered.

It is always best to first send an inquiry before making travel arrangements if there is doubt about allowed expenses. Awardees are highly encouraged to do so.

After submitting a completed voucher, payment can be expected from the AMS in two to four weeks.

Award information:

AMS-Simons Travel Grant awards are made in June each year. The period of the award is from July 1 through June 30 (two years later). No expenses may be covered prior to the award period; if in mid-trip, expenses occurring on or after July 1 may be covered.

The AMS needs to maintain the awardee's correct home institution. Please verify or correct that institution on the acceptance form. If the home institution changes at any time during the grant period, please notify the AMS.

When each travel voucher is processed at the AMS for payment, the awardee will receive an email from AMS staff alerting you when to expect the payment, including the amount of the reimbursement and the funds still available in the award. Please retain these emails.

If funds remain in the grant after the two-year grant period, an extension period of one year may be requested. That request should be made during the last six months of the grant period. To request an extension, write to the program staff (see below) explaining why more time is needed to spend the award.

The award process occurs in three steps:

  1. An email will be sent containing a pdf award letter. Should an applicant (due to a delay in PhD receipt, a recent grant award or a new position that includes significant travel support) now be ineligible for the award, the applicant should let the AMS know that immediately. In that case, the award will go to someone on a waiting list.
  2. When the award email arrives, it will contain award details, the award amount and an acceptance form which must be completed and returned by email.
  3. After acceptance, a further email to the awardee will contain forms to be used during the duration of the award for collecting payments. Or, revisit this page at any time to access the forms.

Department payment:

In years one and two, each awardee will receive a Department Payment form. This form should then be given to an individual at the awardee's home institution who handles transactions of this nature. That person will return the form to the AMS and this payment will be sent directly to the school.

Final report:

At the close of the grant period, a final report will be due detailing the travel taken and the consequences of the support. This report is due before the final payment of the award can be made; it is due at the time a voucher is submitted for the last payment of the grant, or at the closing date of the grant, whichever comes sooner. A request for a final report will be sent to the awardee in email, with a link to the form, before the last payment is processed. Feedback from final reports is conveyed to the Simons Foundation annually.


Awardee Reimbursement Guidelines:

  • The awardee does not have to use the funding equally per year. The entire funded amount may be spent at any point within the two years.
  • The voucher is signed by the awardee only (unless using the grant to host a visitor, when the visitor should sign the voucher); it does not require a mentor signature.
  • Two types of travel/expenses may be funded: travel/expenses by the awardee, or travel by another mathematical scientist to the home institution of the awardee for the purpose of scientific collaboration with the awardee. The Mentor Approval form should list the traveler's name. After travel, the traveler submits the completed voucher and the traveler is paid directly from the AMS.
  • For any approved trip, the following documented expenses may be submitted:
    1. Transportation
      • Including air, train, bus, subway tickets and charges for taxis and other ground transportation to and from the airport or train stations only. Not reimbursable: business/first class seats on air or train, local ground transportation while you are at your destination, travel insurance, upgrade or early check-in fees, excess baggage fees, flight change fees (if an emergency situation arises, explain).
      • If driving a vehicle owned by the traveler instead of using an airline, you must provide a Google map showing the start/end points for the mileage that was driven as well as any receipts for parking and tolls. Gas and insurance are not covered.
      • Contact AMS staff in advance for approval when considering a car rental. All car rentals must be preapproved. For approved car rental situations, economy level car rental costs, gas, tolls, and parking fees are covered. No mileage or any insurance fees are covered.
      • Use of a US-based air carrier is encouraged if at all possible. However, there are circumstances when this is not possible. 
      • Ground transportation includes travel by bus, taxi, Uber/Lyft to and from home or home institutions/lodging and the airport only. If driving a personal vehicle to and from the airport, use the private auto mileage line and submit a copy of Google maps or showing the official city-to-city mileage. Rental cars are not reimbursable for ground transportation.
    2. Miscellaneous fees – Meeting registration and government visa fees.
    3. Hotel – Receipt must show traveler's name, check-in/check-out dates, and method of payment. If a hotel stay will cost more than US\$250 per night, please seek pre-approval from AMS staff. Room charge plus applicable taxes are covered. Meals and other expenses that appear on the hotel bill are not covered. 
    4. Meals – Food will be reimbursed at (a maximum of) a flat per diem of \$50 per full day of travel, no matter what the location (note that first and last day of travel are reimbursed at \$37.50). Therefore receipts will not be submitted for reimbursement of food. Number of allowable days is proven with a flight, train, or hotel receipt. Meal per diem allowances will only be paid for trips that included overnight stays.
  • Every receipt must show proof and method of payment by the traveler and if the receipt shows a different name, proof of repayment to that person must be attached. If receipts are not in English, you must clearly state what each receipt is for.
  • The trip should be reimbursed in the same year it was taken.
  • If the itinerary is complicated (multiple countries and currencies), please include a breakdown of all the expenses and what currencies they are in and label each receipt clearly. Please provide documentation showing the amount paid in US dollars.
  • If traveling with another person(s), please single out the awardee's expenses and include a breakdown and/or written statement.
  • If the awardee is away from the his/her home institution for an extended amount of time for academic reasons, then please include a written statement explaining the circumstance and include this with the reimbursement documents.


Contact AMS Staff.

Phone: 800-321-4267 ext. 4189 or 401-455-4189
Fax: 401-331-3842
Email: Email Program Specialist
Mailing address:
AMS-Simons Travel Grants
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