Template for Page Layout for AMS Books

Complete information about the preparation of manuscripts for monographs and articles for proceedings volumes is available from the AMS.  Authors of articles for conference proceedings normally receive this information automatically.  If you have not received any such information, please contact the Acquisitions Department .

Whether you are writing a book or an article in a proceedings, we recommend using one of the author packages, which are available from our web site.  There are versions for authors using either amstex or amslatex.  The amslatex packages are compatible with Latex2e.  Packages are available for specific series, such as Contemporary Mathematics, Proceedings of Symposia in Pure Mathematics, and most others. There are also packages for generic proceedings and generic monograph, in case no style is available for your series.

If you are preparing a manuscript without the aid of an author package, you may want to obtain the PDF file for a template with the basic requirements for the page layout. One good way to use the template is to copy it onto a clear transparency, for use as an overlay on your formatted output.

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