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Algebra in Action
Shahriar Shahriari:
Publication Year: 2017
ISBN-10: 1-4704-2849-0
ISBN-13: 978-1-4704-2849-5

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Contact information:

Shahriar Shahriari:
Department of Mathematics
Pomona College
Claremont, CA 91711-6348
E-Mail: Shahriar Shahriari
Author homepage

Algebra in Action: Resources and Solution Manual [57KB. August 30, 2018]

Algebra in Action: Errata [100KB. January 1, 2020]

Algebra in Action: Detailed Class Plan for a semester course in Groups and Rings [216KB. August 30, 2018]

Algebra in Action: Detailed self-study guide for a course in Galois Theory [172KB. August 30, 2018]