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Tactile Learning Activities in Mathematics: A Recipe Book for the Undergraduate Classroom
Julie Barnes and Jessica  M.  Libertini
Publication Year: 2018
ISBN-10: 1-4704-4351-1
ISBN-13: 978-1-4704-4351-1

This page is maintained by the authors.

Contact information:


Julie Barnes
Western Carolina University
Mathematics and Computer Science Department
Stillwell 463
Cullowhee, NC 
Email: Julie Barnes


Jessica M. Libertini
Virginia Military Institute
Department of Applied Mathematics
Letcher Avenue
Lexington, VA 24450

Email: Jessica M. Libertini


Activity Handouts


Activity 1.1 from "Using Parentheses with the Game of Telephone"

Activity 1.2 from "Function Ball Toss"

Activity 1.3 from "Mathematical Modeling Using Long-Exposure Photography"

Activity 1.4 from "Function Composition Using Crackers and Cheese"

Activity 1.5 from "Walking Function Transformation"

Activity 1.6 from "Graphing Piecewise Functions with Feather Boas"

Activity 1.7 from "Trigonometry Parameter Comparisons"

Activity 2.1 from "Adding Movement to Velocity Exploration with Ziplines"

Activity 2.2 from "Creating Limit Windows with Index Cards"

Activity 2.3 from "Extreme Values with Pipe Cleaners"

Activity 2.4 from "Graphing Puzzles Using the First and Second Derivatives"

Activity 2.5 from "Graphing Functions from Derivative Information Using Bendable Sticks"

Activity 2.6 from "Spread the Word: Modeling Logistic Growth"

Activity 2.7 from "Maximizing the Area of a Fenced in Region Using Bendable Sticks for Constraints"

Activity 2.8 from "The Optimal Origami Box"

Activity 3.1 from "Chewing Gum Riemann Sums"

Activity 3.2 from "Paper Shredder Riemann Sums or Cut the Bunny"

Activity 3.3 from "Estimating Calories in a Cookie with Riemann Sums"

Activity 3.4 from "So Many Integration Techniques... Which to Use"

Activity 3.5 from "Centers of Mass of Candy Point Masses on a Plane"

Activity 3.6 from "Volume Estimations with Fruit Cross Sections"

Activity 3.7 from "Fun with Infinite Series"

Activity 4.1 from "Physically Creating three Dimensional Graphs"

Activity 4.2 from "Building Functions of Two Variables with Cookies"

Activity 4.3 from "Exploring Contours in the Physical World"

Activity 4.4 from "Matching Photographs with Contour Lines"

Activity 4.5 from "The Gold Mine: Tangent Plane Approximation Using Tangible Surfaces"

Activity 4.6 from "Visualizing Second Order Partials on a Football"

Activity 4.7 from "Partials, Gradients, and Lagrange Multipliers on a Pringles(R) Chip"

Activity 4.8 from "Volume Estimation Using a Sheet Surface"

Activity 4.9 from "Visualizing and Estimating the Mass of a Solid Using Multi-Colored Blocks"

Activity 4.10 from "Using a Jack to Visualize the Right Hand Rule for Cross Products"

Activity 4.11 from "Properties of Flux Using an Overhead Projector"

Activity 4.12 from "Vector Analysis of a Pop-Up Page"

Activity 5.1 from "Crowdsourcing to Create Slope Fields"

Activity 5.2 from "Who's in My Differential Equations Club?"

Activity 5.3 from "Population Modeling Using M&M's(R)"

Activity 5.4 from "Modeling of Fishing and Restocking with Pennies"

Activity 5.5 from "Modeling a Falling Column of Water"

Activity 5.6 from "Using Linear Algebra Definitions to Find Your Team"

Activity 5.7 from "Picturing Prime Factorization"

Activity 5.8 from "Traffic Jam: A Lifesize Logic Puzzle"

Activity 5.9 from "Living De Morgan's Laws"

Activity 5.10 from "Using Circuits to Teach Truth Tables"

Activity 5.11 from "Determining the Validity of an Argument Using True/False Cards"

Activity 5.12 from "Proof Rearrangements"

Activity 5.13 from "Properties of Functions on Finite Sets Using Candy"

Activity 5.14 from "SET(R) in Combinatorics/Discrete Math"

Activity 5.15 from "Human-Powered Computing"

Activity 6.1 from "Using Candy to Represent Equivalence Relations"

Activity 6.2 from "Finding the GCD: Euclidean Disc Toss"

Activity 6.3 from "Symmetry and Group Theory with Plastic Triangles"

Activity 6.4 from "Finding Groups in a (New) Color Cube Puzzle"

Activity 6.5 from "Acting Permutations"

Activity 6.6 from "Nametags and Derangements: A Class Permutation"

Activity 6.7 from "Discovering Catalan Numbers Using M&M's(R)

Activity 6.8 from "Walking the Seven Bridges of Königsberg"

Activity 6.9 from "Designing Round-Robin Tournaments Using Yarn"

Activity 6.10 from "Constructing Disjoint Hamiltonian Cycles of Complete Graphs Using Yarn"

Activity 6.11 from "Exploring the epsilon-N Definition of Sequence Convergence with Yarn"

Activity 6.12 from "Exploring the epsilon-delta Definition of Continuity"

Activity 6.13 from "Walking Complex Functions"

Activity 6.14 from "Graphing Complex Functions with Feather Boas"

Activity 6.15 from "Exploring Knots"