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Real Analysis and Applications: including Fourier Series and the Calculations of Variations
Frank Morgan
Publication Year: 2005
ISBN: 0-8218-3841-5



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Instructors, for some solutions not in the back of the text, email the author, with a link to a departmental webpage with your name on it.

For extra basic exercises, Karl-Dieter Crisman of Gordon College suggests Schaum's Outlines "Advanced Calculus."

ERRATA of interest (April 18, 2006)

Please send me more!

Exercise 16.8. Add assumption that limit is continuous (to make exercise easier).

Page 132, end of line 3. Delete the extra 2 before y'.
Line 11. sin^2 should be just sin.

Exercise 28.3. The answer in the back of the book for the great circle distance should be 3629 miles;
the distance along the circle of latitude is about 3% farther.
(Thanks to Jeff Meng, David Thompson, and Zoe Xie.)

Exercise 29.8. In the integral formula for L, each x should have a dot on it.

Exercise 30:2b. The r in the denominator should be italic not bold, so that the denominator is the square of the distance to the origin.

Exercise 33.3. At end of hint, replace "(c2 / 2 c1) t" with "-(c2 / 2 c1 r) e^-rt".