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Post-Publication Supplements: Book and Author Updates

The AMS Supplementary Book Materials page offers an additional dimension to our publishing program. This area allows authors to keep their material up-to-date – from the minute the book is in print until their next completed manuscript is ready for publication!

For a full list of authors and post-publication updates, go to Supplementary Book Materials.

AMS Book Supplements offer . . .

  • Addendum, New research, 4-color graphics, Exercises, and more!

For example . . .

Analysis: Second EditionAnalysis: Second Edition, Elliott Lieb and Michael Loss

  • Elliott H. Lieb and Michael Loss
  • Publication Year: 2001
  • ISBN:0-8218-2783-9
  • Graduate Studies in Mathematics, vol. 14

This page is maintained by the author:

  • Michael Loss
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