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Additional Material for the Book

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The Number $\pi$
Pierre Eymard and Jean-Pierre Lafon
Publication Year: 2004
ISBN: 0-8218-3246-8

This page is maintained by the authors.

Contact information:

Jean-Pierre Lafon
5, rue Andre Theuriet
92340 Bourg la Reine, France


The cover is based on the picture Captured  J.V.Schmidt. The picture is produced using the Magic PiWorld software.  The software uses the digits of p, plus some parameters that are set by the user.  The final pictures are the result of running the software several times to produce different layers and, if necessary, some final photo-editing.   More details about making pictures with the software are available here.  You can find many more pictures, more information, software and more at the remarkable Magic PiWorld website. 

An interdisciplinary conference on p is being heldin September, 2004. For information, go to the zirkumferenz 2004 website.


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